Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Clinton meets with Lilly White Blogger Group in Harlem

African American Political Pundit says: Bill Clinton took time out of his busy schedule to meet in "Harlem" with a group of bloggers who happen to be majority white. What! The question from this meeting is why are black bloggers not included in discussions of this type. Is there a blogosphere and a blackosphere? Separate but unequal? More >>>

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Racial Politics This Week -- A Roundup

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Blogger Lunch with Bill Clinton in Harlem

This week, a controversial photo snapped at a blogger lunch in Harlem with Bill Clinton is under much discussion in the progressive blackosphere. You can follow the conversation here, here, here, and here And responses here and here. I know many of the bloggers in the photo -- including Chris Bowers and Matt Stoller of MyDD -- to be tireless workers against racism in America. I agree with Jeralyn Merritt at TalkLeft that:

There should have been a greater attempt made to include minority bloggers. But I think it was unintentional. I will bet that when there's another such event, and there will be, whether it's by President Clinton or another Democrat, there will be a greater effort to include a more diverse group of bloggers.

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I Guess it's just a Mirror on America...

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