Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teddy Pendergrass 1950-2010

Tribute Video

There are so many great tributes, that it made no sense to do my own...especially considering that my computer isn't set up with all of my music. It would have taken me hours.

My fellow music guru's already covered most of what I was going to do.

When it comes to Pendergrass... I have a few favorites, but his signature song for me is "Wake Up, Everybody". "Somebody Told Me" isn't far behind. I like the mushy stuff too.... but being a perpetually single man, I never had the opportunity or need to put those songs into use. But the music behind the words.... that signature Philly sound... was, and continues to be, superb. Timeless. Gamble and Huff w/ the help of the great MFSB had such a unique sound that they were able to separate themselves quite a bit from Stax & Motown. All three had great backing bands btw, with the MG's in Memphis and the Funk Brothers in Detroit...but their styles were completely different.

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