Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Another Example of How Black Thug Culture Has Ruined The NBA

We have yet another example of Black thug culture spreading through the sports world like Cancer, killing everything good in the process. NBA Commissioner David Stern has had to take on the role of a Prison Warden over the last several years. Is it any surprise that we hear of more brawls at High School games? The kids are simply following the lead of their thug role models. This behavior has the "cool" seal of approval... The message has been sent that this is how to behave.

UPDATE: Stephen A. Smith's comments back me up for the most part - now I know it's not just me. He spoke on Thursday's Ed Schultz Show

This is why I shun a sport that I used to enjoy. I haven't been a fan of the NBA since Magic/Bird. And I haven't watched a complete game since the mid 1990's. The teams, rivalries and personalities of the 1970's and 80's were the best to me. After that, it was all downhill. I think it had to do with the ridiculous salaries being handed out... especially to guys who aren't even mature men yet. Many of these guys are essentially college drop-outs, thugs and immature playboys. Not all...but the majority. There is really no difference between the common street thug and an NBA thug....the NBA thug simply has more resources to live out that lifestyle and to engage in more thuggish behavior...which is often criminal behavior.

Who in the Hell would want to take their kid to an NBA game now? It's one incident after another, on and off the court. I won't list them all (because the list would be too long). Hell, Stern even had to tell these players to pull their pants up a few years back.... grown men... Black men... had to be told to pull up their pants. This is why the NBA has become a Minstrel Show. It's embarrassing to me.... because I of course share the same skin tone with most of these idiots. I can't stand to even watch a game ...I can't even watch the highlights. I don't even think I could name all the teams in the league at this point.

We are seeing the same thing with the NFL right now.... Black thug culture is now spreading throughout that league....and the process is almost complete. Once the cancer takes hold completely...the NFL may start to die too. College is also starting to deteriorate.

The only sport I enjoy now is MLB.... but it won't be long before the Cancer spreads there as well. But as of right now baseball is still the greatest past time for American families.

There are a few solutions for this problem... but they would never be implemented- such as:

1. Only accepting college graduates. If you didn't graduate, you don't play.
2. Perhaps allowing non-graduates to enter, only after they have played for 3 years in the developmental league and have gone through character-building and have had a chance to be evaluated.
3. Strengthening the code of conduct for players and prospective players on and off the court.
4. Zero tolerance for off court legal problems. One arrest = suspension & fine. Two arrests = Permanent, irrevocable ban from league.
5. Ban on fraternizing with Rap culture characters (no appearances on music videos, CD's or websites) or with folks (other than family members) who are known felons. Breaking of this rule would = permanent ban from league.

But I think Stern is afraid of these people to some extent. He is careful not to seem too aggressive with them... when he probably knows what needs to be done.

Of course Black folks love this buffoonery, at least the masses do. It's welcomed in today's Black culture... should be no secret why I have rejected modern Black culture over the last 20 years...and now have no identification with it whatsoever. But if you're Black, society will still find a way to lump you in with these miscreants... especially when you have Brown Skin and you're male.

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