Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Look At Obama & Race After Year One

Hear an interesting discussion from NPR's On Point, on the impact of Obama's Presidency after his first year in office.

Personally, I never understood America's fixation with the idea that Obama would magically solve the problem of race in this Country. I have been especially amused by Blacks who believed that Obama would be "The Black President" instead of The President of the United States. In other words, there are some Blacks who feel that they should have access to the Presidents direct phone line and should get all sorts of special treatment. Unbelievable!

While I do agree that Obama has not been aggressive enough on the economy more generally....and that he could do more for urban communities, I completely understand that there is no way in Hell that he could be (or should be) simply "The Black President"...or the President for Black America. Yet there are Blacks who somehow believe that this should be the case... that he should or even could magically solve all of the problems faced by Black Americans (even when most of the big issues can't be solved by government).

The problem of race in America did not magically disappear after Obama's inauguration. It has been fascinating to see how Americans are still coming to terms with Obama's Presidency.

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