Thursday, January 21, 2010

Republican Spokesman & Tea Party Hero Arrested

A Republican Spokesman and Tea Party hero has been arrested in Oklahoma on several felony charges, including child rape, according to the AP. Stolen military weaponry found in home. But we won't see any news conferences or media frenzies about how we "dodged a bullet" on this one...

Funny how big media decides who and what Americans worry about.

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Andre said...

If tea baggers can bring guns to Presidential meetings without attention, what makes you think idiots like this are any different? This is another example of how Fox News dominates the media center. No other MSM outlet wants to touch this story out of fear of being labeled a "liberal leaning" station. So now we can have tea baggers involved in detestable and felonious activity without getting so much as a peep of coverage.

But should the media start covering this dude, rest assured there will be no mentioning of his status as a teabagging loon.