Sunday, January 27, 2008

Senator Ted Kennedy to Endorse Obama

Hat tip: heard this while watching CNN a few minutes ago.

This is from the

'Liberal Lion' Ted Kennedy To Back Obama
The Page Mark Halperin January 27, 2008 10:26 AM

Powerhouse Sen. Ted Kennedy is set to endorse Barack Obama for president.

The scoop was first reported by Time's Mark Halperin and confirmed by CNN. Suzanne Malveaux reported:

"This is really big and very big for Barack Obama. Senator Ted a giant in the party. A Clinton campaign source told me the Clinton campaign is in fact expecting it. Already a senior aide from the Clinton campaign reacting on the record to the news that they expect. 'They have been friends,' Senator Clinton and Kennedy, 'for a long time and Senator Clinton has a lot of respect for Senator Kennedy.' ... This is really kind of extraordinary when you think about the relationship between the Clintons and the Kennedys, the kind of personal relationship that the two have. Obviously this is a very big win for Barack Obama."
Kennedy is one of two potential superstar Dem endorsements -- the other being Al Gore. Read Halperin's report here. Caroline Kennedy, daughter of JFK, endorsed Obama in a Sunday New York Times op-ed titled "A President Like My Father."

Ben Smith reported earlier this week that the Clintons were concerned about Kennedy's endorsement and were making a full-court press:

I do know, however, that Hillaryland is worried: Two sources say she's directed a flood of calls the senator's way, with everyone from union leaders to his Massachusetts constituents scrambling to stop what Clinton's camp is worried could be an endorsement of Obama.


Brian said...

The Ted Kennedy & Caroline Kennedy endorsements are good news.

Hopefully that will give him a boost... at least enough of a boost to be competitive in more States. But I have been keeping up with the polls from the "Super Tuesday" States and it doesn't really look good for him (as many had predicted).

The Clinton strategy of putting Obama into a racial box appears to have been at least partially successful in the long run.

In fact, they haven't abandoned the strategy at all... because it's working to their advantage, despite South Carolina. Hillary Clinton was looking beyond South Carolina a long time ago. Bill Clinton is back at it again... comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson...once again reminding voters that Obama is that special interest Black candidate...better not role the dice with him.

It is sickening at this point... and it's beyond obvious what they are doing... we might as well say that they are openly doing this now. They aren't trying to hide this strategy anymore.

But will White American voters be smart enough and sophisticated enough to see through all of the code language? I doubt it... and the Clinton's are hoping that voters in the Super Tuesday States will fall in line like the sheep that they are and vote based on race and experience, rather than on "change". Although change has consistently been the main concern of voters, in the end, they will vote for the status quo.

Remember when I wrote that Americans often vote against their own best interests because they are intellectually lazy when it comes to politics and voting? It's easy to vote for Clinton simply because it is a familiar name...and I suspect that this is exactly what a lot of the Super Tuesday voters will do on Feb. 5th.
Actually doing their homework and taking the time to learn about the issues, and voting based on the policies and plans of the candidates is considered to be too difficult. So they'd rather vote for a name that they trust.

Of course this is how we ended up with George W. Bush. Some voters thought that they were voting for George H.W.

God help us!

Constructive Feedback said...

Ted Kennedy is a threat to any Black person who hopes for a free, independent thinking and self-sufficient Black race will someday be constructed out of the prevailing winds that we currently face.

The more people like the Kennedy's and Cornel West flock to Obama the greater my assurance grows that I simply could never support this particular Black man for president.

I don't know Obama.
I DO know these other characters. Through THEM HE is exposed.