Friday, January 04, 2008

Last Night, America Showed Its Best Face

What Last Night Meant To Me

I am writing too, about last night, because, it's one of those times, when I am completely proud to be an American. I try not to get too hokey, but every once in awhile, the stars align, and America lives up to its promise.

I want to thank the people of Iowa. I want to thank them for actually LISTENING to Barack Obama, and judging him by ' the content of his character'. I would like to thank everyone who went out to caucus - to see participation in the democratic process is a beautiful thing.

When I watched Obama, I saw him come into his own. For me, the 2004 Speech was good, but I never 'felt it like that'. He was skilled; I saw the possibility of an ' IT' factor, but something was missing for me.

It was not missing last night. Last night, as I wrote before, I saw the man, with every word he spoke, grow into that speech. He was taking himself to another plain, and asked the American people to come with him. When he pointed to Michelle and said ' You..You..', had there ever been such an honoring of the Black woman than in that moment?

I am proud of Iowa today not only because of Obama's win, but of also the choices on the Republican side.

Mitt Romney is about the most dishonest piece of plastic I've ever seen come down the pike in politics, and considering that I've been a political junkie for 25 years, that's saying something. He believed that he could literally buy the GOP nomination in Iowa.

Then here comes this Baptist minister, being outspent 20-1. But, Huckabee touched something in those Republican voters, who also participated in higher levels than 2004. Not like the Democrats, but more of them came out too. Huckabee won every group except for those making 75k and over. He's speaking to something that touches the GOP voter. From where I sit, he's speaking to the economic anxiety of the ' What's the Matter With Kansas?' voter. In case you don't know that book, the basic premise is that the GOP has been able to get those working class, lower middle-class voters by appealing to their CULTURAL values, and they've been willing to overlook that the GOP has actually worked against their ECONOMIC values. And, it's been a pretty good deal for the GOP - until now. Until now, these GOP caucus voters has a man who is speaking to BOTH the economic AND cultural issues that concern these voters. Add in that Huckabee has the most congenial personality of anyone running in the GOP field, and this is the secret to his success.

I am also thrilled that the GOP came back to John McCain and gave him a third place showing. Considering McCain's principled, but considered Iowa Suicide stance of ' No to Ethanol Subsidies', it says a lot that they would give this man his props.

Authencity and Integrity ruled the day over being told who to be for, from the top -down.

Anyway you look at it, BOTH of the Iowa Caucus results were BOTTOM-UP results.

And, if you believe in participatory democracy...if you believe in THE PEOPLE speaking up and taking the time out to think and vote..

Then how could it be anything else BUT a good day in America.

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Brian said...

Rikyrah wrote:

"I want to thank the people of Iowa. I want to thank them for actually LISTENING to Barack Obama"

But this is the point I have been trying to make Rikyrah...

At least they actually got the chance to hear Obama and hear his message. This was largely due to the "favorite candidate/chosen candidate/Rock Star" status that the media gave him over the past 3 years, but especially over the past year. He had a serious bullhorn, metaphorically speaking.

What do you say about some of the other candidates who Iowa voters did not get to hear from by way of wall-to-wall "favorite candidate" media status? Other candidates didn't have the opportunity to be heard in the same way...with the same advantages from media.

Do you agree or not agree that this media issue is a problem in the American electoral system? The media bias was obvious from the beginning.

The Iowa Caucus (as flawed as it is) was one of the decent things about America's voting system that showed its face last night. But the American voting system as a whole IS NOT the best face of America.

The fact that White Midwesterners showed that they are willing to vote for a Black man... that was beautiful. But the way that the election has been handled by the media (starting from about a year ago) has been horrible.