Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The New America - How Bush & Co. Created A Climate of Intolerance

The following story highlights the importance of Church and State separation, and what can happen in a climate of cultural and religious intolerance. It also shows how profoundly 9/11 and the subsequent socio-political and religious climate (allowed by the Bush Administration) changed the Nation.

The following audio was taken from the public radio program, This American Life. It originally aired a year ago, but I caught a re-airing of the program over the weekend and it shook me. It made me ask the question - What Has Happened to This Country? The same question that many other Americans have asked over the past several years. I basically know the answer...but stories like this one make you ask anyway... in disbelief at how bad the problems have been allowed to get. Is the U.S. allowing the terrorists to win?

(fast forward to the 6:20 mark to get to the main story)
See page from This American Life

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