Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama wins South Carolina

Barack Obama wins South Carolina.

With 96% of the precincts:

Obama - 55% 281,413
Clinton -27% 134,781
Edwards- 18% 90, 500

In 2004, the ENTIRE Democratic turnout in the primaries was 290,000.

Look at Obama's total.

The breakdown of the numbers.

Obama Clinton Edwards
Black Males 82 15 3
Black Females 79 19 2
White Males 27 29 43
White Females 22 44 34

Blacks 80 18 2
Whites 24 38 38

18-24 66 25 9
25-29 70 21 10
30-39 62 23 15
40-49 61 25 14
50-64 51 26 22
65 and over 32 40 27

Rest of exit poll is HERE

Shallow point - I like Michelle's Suit. ..LOL

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Brian said...

I wasn't shocked by the win... but I was blown away by the margin of victory.

Unfortunately this might be the end of the road for Obama, for all practical purposes.... unless that miracle can come through...and Americans actually wake up from their coma's in time for Feb. 5th.
But i'm not counting on it.

Hillary is now closer to her coronation.

The issue of race & racial prejudice in American society is proving to be insurmountable.
At the end of this thing, even Obama's spirit may be on life support. Prior to SC, I could already see a lack of excitement at campaign events.

Was he naive when he started? Did he have unrealistic "hopes"? I think so... somewhat.

But if he could somehow split the Super Tuesday States (highly unlikely) he may still have a long shot chance at the nomination. Super Tuesday will be more like a National Election... the true test of political viability for Obama.

But it appears to be Hillary's nomination at this point.... as the media and the Democratic elite had wanted.

As I have stated before, the Primaries, and the General election are nothing more than ceremonies that Americans unknowingly (or out of willful ignorance) take part in every 4 years. It gives Americans the impression that they actually live in a Democracy and have a voice (it is hard to have a voice when you are limited to 2 legacy Parties that have become a defacto dictarship). The fact is, most Americans don't have a clue about how a true Democracy is supposed to work... they are not familiar with Democratic systems outside of their own borders, such as those in Europe. Heck, they don't even understand how their own government is supposed to work. So they have no point of reference that would indicate to them that something is wrong with the system we have.

Americans walk around with their heads in the clouds, believing that the U.S. is the Best Democracy in the World. That's one of the biggest lies that this Country has perpetuated.

In fact, look up a list called the "Democracy Index". It's a report put out every year by the Economist Magazine, with the aim of ranking Democracies based on a set list of variables. The U.S. is ranked somewhere around 17th. But I actually believe that 17th was too high. The Economist often looks at issues from a free market business mindset rather than a political point of view... such as voter participation, protecting the right to vote, allowing open debate, free press, etc. So the emphasis for them is a little different, although they do look at all of these issues.

Similar rankings have put the U.S. even lower.

President Carter was telling the truth when he pointed out the fact that large parts of the American election system do not meet basic standards for a free and fair process.

The rest of the Primary season will be ceremonial. A formality. At least for the Democrats.

I still believe that had Edwards gotten proper media coverage 2 years ago.... he would have been more competitive. Obama and Clinton got an 18 month head start with the wall to wall media coverage, while Edwards got practically none, not even when it got close to actual voting time. The media wanted the Obama/Clinton matchup because of the ratings draw that it would create for them. So they set the table the way that they wanted it set.

After all the buzz, it looks like we will end up with the original two front runners afterall (McCain & Clinton). This matchup was being pushed by the media...and was therefore reflected in the Polls, as far back as 2004, 2005.

I'm afraid McCain... (a man who would be worse than Bush.... yes you read that right... he would be worse than Bush) will be a very formidable opponent.

We would be better off with 4 more years of Bush than 4 years of a McCain administration.

But all the while, i'm still hoping for some kind of miracle... I still remember the U.S. Hockey team beating the USSR back in the early 1980's... I remember several of the times when the Cardinals were down in the bottom of the 9th, but came through... all of Joe Montana's miracles, that unprecedented Michael Jordan performance in that last playoff series (still one of the best performances that i've ever seen in my life), the history of the Truman victory, and me somehow surviving the streets of Northwest St. Louis as a youngster...and not ending up dead or in prison. I literally cheated death at least twice.

Miracles do happen. So i'm keeping my fingers crossed, despite my realism/cynicism. But Obama is going to have to attain the Super Powers of Michael Jordan and Joe Montana if he is going to make it happen. :)

He did pose as Superman so who knows.