Thursday, April 30, 2009

When Did Torture and Gay Marriage Become National Priorities?

In case you haven't noticed, Ultra-Liberals have been able to hijack the wider Progressive agenda over the last few weeks.

The Obama Administration clearly misjudged the response to the release of the torture memo's and the release of more abuse pictures from years ago (another gift wrapped present from Obama to the GOP). Yes, some of these memo's and photos were preemptively released because of a Civil Court challenge from the ACLU, but not all of it had to be released. And Obama & Co. should have been better prepared for the PR battle that they should have known would be started from the release of this information. Obama has allowed the far Left Liberal wing of the Democratic Party to hijack his Presidency and his least when it comes to torture. How did torture and Gay marriage become national priorities? He has now created a whirlwind that could possibly overshadow the rest of his initiatives. He thought that he would be able to just "move on" and he miscalculated just how much "torture" and releasing everything that Ulra-Liberals are telling him to would cost him.

If Obama ends up having criminal trials...the circus atmosphere will be huge. I supported indictments and arrests earlier on...when the crimes were still in progress.... but two Congress's allowed the criminals to get away... They blew it. There is nothing to be gained now by having a circus...except attempting to show the World that there is justice in the American system and attempting to regain some sort of moral high ground. But going into Iraq in the first place was the big mistake... that's where this Country lost its moral footing.... the torture was a afterthought. I say... let's have a Truth Commission to investigate all of the Bush/Cheney dirty deeds...not just torture. But criminal show trials at this stage in the game will not help Obama... in fact, it will have the opposite effect.
Obama misjudged the Torture issue and what is on the minds of the American public, just like Republicans misjudged the phony Tea Parties, and how they should remake their Party (making it the Confederate Party).

I'm not suggesting that Torture and Gay Marriage aren't important issues, I am stating that these are not the issues that most Americans are concerned with.

Up until earlier this week, Obama had basically lost control of the torture issue and his agenda. The torture memo's and abuse pictures had taken on a life of their own. Somehow he allowed Liberals in his own Party to hijack his agenda.

Obama can thank Arlen Specter and Swine Flu for providing a reprieve. The ball is back in his Court... he can either get his agenda back on track or continue with the self-inflicted wounds.

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rikyrah said...

You want the truth, AI, you can't come up with 'let's go forward' on torture, and then try and shiv Black farmers in the same week. I didn't give a shit if torture got away from The President. If he had done the right thing with regards to the farmers, MAYBE (but I doubt it), I would have tried to see his way about torture, but as it was, I said ' fuck it'.

Gay Marriage is happening on a state level. Has nothing to do with the federal government and thus, The President (who has been a chickenshit on this issue), has to deal with rolls his way.

But, truth be told, he has swineflu to thank for slowing the torture train.