Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Blunder from the Obama Administration - This one is Inexcusable

The "Photo Op" flight over New York City was one of those events that makes me wonder who in the Hell is running the government and what kind of narcotics are they using. This one left me speechless... I have had writers block over the past few days and continue to be stuck...and it's because of stories like this one. This kind of nonsense overloads and short-circuits the connections in my brain.

How is it possible for government officials (at any level of management or supervision) to not be cognizant of the political and security ramifications of the decisions they make? It's almost as if these people have been living in a cave for the last 25 years and finally crawled out on January 20th. How can these "educated" people be so clueless about the World around them, and of the context we are living in today? It's amazing that I can't get hired in government, but Obama has a whole slew of idiots on his team. There is a pattern that is beginning to emerge from team Obama. At times it seems as if they don't have a clue. And Gibbs looked like a buffoon when asked about the incident. They dropped the ball on this one big time.

Louis Caldera should take some of the blame (another Clintonite... do you see the pattern of Clintonites and insiders screwing up?....This is why they don't fit into any genuine "Change" equation and it is why I have screamed via my keyboard about why Obama should have steered clear)... But officials in the FAA and the Air Force also dropped the ball. First of all, the "Photo Op" should have never taken place to begin with... not with folks losing their jobs at the rate of over half a million a month, with folks losing their healthcare and running out of their unemployment benefits, with the financial system still reeling, and with folks losing their homes...not to mention all the other problems and challenges. But if you are going to do something as stupid as this, it should have been coordinated at the highest levels....and everyone should have been least 2 or 3 times.

Someone would have to be either incredibly crazy or clueless not to understand why this was not a good idea.

"Sorry" was the initial response from the White House... but "Sorry" isn't even enough for a down payment on the cost for this level of stupidity. In the video below you can clearly see people panicking. The 911 tapes painted an even clearer picture of the fear and chaos. This incident could have very easily led to deaths or injuries from heart attacks, people being trampled during an evacuation, or someone falling during the panic. But even without that outcome, the Republicans have grabbed onto this story and they plan to get as much as they can from it... as they should. Obama provided this to the wrapped. This is why I gave Obama the grade of C for Communication. I also gave him a modest grade for Execution. Now you see why.

Hopefully Obama can get back on track (at least with his domestic policy) in the next few weeks.

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