Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let the Wingnuts Go Crazy Over This

You know they will.

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The Angry Independent said...

They are already going Bananas over this. Just like they did when Obama interacted with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Bush was mouth kissing these same folks... smooching, holding hands, kissing cheeks (both sets)...everything short of fornication... (all while he was selling us out for the interests of his oil industry friends).
Republican idiots didn't say a word. In fact, George H.W. did the same thing that W. did. That family has a long history with the Saudi Royals that goes back decades.... 3 generations of Bush's...including Neil Bush. Not a word about being "friendly to Arabs" (as if that's bad) or "friendly to terrorists" when the Bush's were shaking hands. Not a word from Republicans about Reagan and Rumsfeld cutting deals with Iraqi dictator and Terrorist Saddam Hussein in the 1980' his war against Iran...when he used chemical weapons (WMD).

But Obama (a head of State) shakes the hand of another head of State...and all Hell breaks loose.