Thursday, April 09, 2009

New Burger King Commercial Uses Degenerate Stereotypical Images to Peddle Food To Babies

I couldn't believe what I was seeing a few days ago when I ran across the new Burger King Commercial for Kids Meals. It was one of the most disgusting and idiotic ads that I have ever seen. This is yet another example of a Fast Food company reaching out to its "urban" customers. Let me just cut to the chase... this is another annoying but all too common Black commercial from another major Fast Food Chain... in this case, Burger King. But this time the imagery was far worse than usual.

Burger King may have reached a new low when it comes to the level of ignorance and degenerate images in a single commercial. They are openly targeting babies with inappropriate garbage....using the worst kinds of Black stereotypes, and objectifying women in the process. Blacks are the only racial group that allows this kind of nonsense. In fact, I really think a lot of Blacks like this madness. Why? Because you rarely hear a peep from the masses of Blacks when this kind of craziness hits the airwaves. Nor do you see any protesting from Civil Rights Inc. It's almost as if Blacks are o.k. with the fact that corporations are peddling filth and ignorance to their babies.

But when it comes to getting pedophiles released from jail... Blacks show up en masse in support of the release. When a rapper thug (i.e Black Hero) gets arrested... Blacks show up to scream bloody murder and racism.... Or when urban terrorists are devastating "Black Communities" there seems to be this concerted effort by Blacks to ensure that the thugs can continue their reign of terror not "snitching".

But when corporations are poisoning the image of Blacks and feeding stereotypes... even targeting babies with filth.... there always seems to be silence from the so-called "Black Community".

This is one of the reasons why I hate being Black. I'm just being honest.

When I saw the commercial, I was embarrassed... And apparently, i'm not the only one asking what is going on.

I don't see this level of ignorance and stereotyping when these Fast Food companies are targeting other groups... Am I missing something here?

And who in the Hell gave the executives at Burger King the idea that this ad targeting babies was remotely o.k.? This commercial is apparently part of Burger Kings ad campaign to promote the Sponge Bob Square Pants character, which is geared towards the younger kids. This ad wouldn't be right even if it targeted adults.... So it certainly shouldn't be used to peddle Kids Meals to your children.

Contact Burger King and express your displeasure with their inappropriate, idiotic, stereotypical and distasteful Rap Commercial.

Contact Information:

Burger King Holdings, Inc.
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, FL 33126
Main # (305) 378–3000

Media relations line: (305) 378-7277

Consumer relations line: (305) 378-3535

Marketing/Advertising Information Requests - (305)-378-7200

Key Executives

John W. Chidsey
CEO and Chairman

Gladys DeClouet
Sr. VP. For Operations

Charles M. Fallon
President - BK North America

Russell B. Klein
President - Global Marketing Strategy

Raj Rawal
Chief Information Officer & Sr. VP

Find more information from (contact page)


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Apparently Burger King has had other PR issues in the recent past.


Eskimhorn said...

I think you initially missed the point. I didn't see this as being racial in the least since that song and Sir Mix-A-Lot are so mainstream.

You were correct that this video is wildly inappropriate to the Pre-K crowd. Of course, so is Spongebob, with his rudeness and potty humor.

The Angry Independent said...

"I think you initially missed the point"

No... I don't think I missed the point. But humor me.... tell me what it is I missed.

Regarding this rapper and his original song being so mainstream...

Mainstream to some. Certainly not mainstream for me.... and I don't think it's mainstream to 5, 6, 7, & 8 year olds. Ironically, most in that age group aren't aware of who this washed up performer is in the first place... nor do they know the songs that he recorded 2 decades ago... So they don't have the context to "get the point" of the joke...whatever the punch line is supposed to be. Instead, what they are left with is the imagery. I knew I would have folks defending the commercial.... i've come to expect it here. That's why I have grown to hate my own blog. To some folks it's o.k. for young children to see images of women being objectified and for them to have that message ingrained in their minds over time. These images and messages have become the norm in American society...and especially for the decrepit Modern Black Culture.

And yes there is a racial undertone. The target audience was certainly not White folks in Beverly Hills, Palm Springs or the Hamptons. Nor was it even Middle America. The commercial was part of Burger Kings urban marketing scheme.... mainly targeting BLACKS. In the process, they are doing Black folks a disservice by distorting and further soiling the image of Blacks, and feeding ugly stereotypes. Having a Black man in a commercial using "booty" as a message to sell products to children isn't helping the image of Black folks, as idiotic as the commercial may be.

Anonymous said...

I am black and find the commercial totally offensive!

frank said...

Another attempt at progressing social decadence by the unseen forces who are continuously at work undermining our culture. This commercial should be shown only in third world countries where activity of this type is welcomed and appreciated. The ghettos of America ARE third world nations, not the country as a whole. We are not Africa or Haiti, and should not have to be exposed to this garbage. Boycotting the companies that continue to propagate this animal behaviour is the only civilzed way to deal with it. I will no longer enter a BK, unless I am on the road, and have absolutely no other options.

rikyrah said...


you keep on telling the truth. if you don't, the rocks will cry out.

Randi523 said...

I haven't seen the commercial (thankfully), but I do wonder if these companies have ANYONE Black in their advertising/marketing depts. Either they don't, and/or the one(s) they do have don't have a say, care, or think this type of marketing is "cute". Or like you said:people have just become OK with it.

Tanya said...

I cannot believe any executives allowed this to be created and produced. I may not be Black, but I am a Woman who is tired of being judged by my 'ass'ets. And, what does this really have to do with a kids' meal? I mean, I get it, but is it necessary? Is this truly entertainment? Sad when creativity is defined by having sexual innuendo bombard every aspect of everyday life. Burger King, get a clue. Hire a better, more creative staff.

Andre said...

It's no secret traditional family values - after being hijacked and manipulated by the Right - have become pretty irrelevant these days. So, it is no suprise to see corporations engaged in sexually exploitative imagery to sell their products. Even less suprising is their success rate...given how kids these days have seemingly lost their damn minds. The more sexualized the kids get (which, at this point is off the charts), the more aggressive we can expect corporations to be in peddling their products.

Lisa said...

My kids are grown and quite honestly, I'm not really even a kid person, Nevertheless however, I think the new BK commercial depicting BK being into "Square Asses" and relating it directly to Sponge Bob is absolutely LUDICROUS! I have a 2 y.o. granddaughter that likes Sponge Bob however we will change the channel when this absolutely rediculous commercial comes on. I think BK needs to "rethink" their media approach!
just absolutely STUPID!
for now, we'll stick with Micky D's!

Anonymous said...

If nothing else, the ad is just downright creepy! I hate the BK King, and I'm not easily disturbed. But this ad, it's just too much. And besides, I don't think this ad makes anyone feel compelled to go buy a hamburger.

Greg said...

I have to agree that this commercial is way out of line. I saw this for the first time about a week ago and I was thankful that my children were already in bed, unfortunately that was the luck portion of it all, as in Hawaii, most shows are rolled back a few hours on some channels so that a show broadcasted at 8PM on the East coast is now airing at the same time here which is either 5 or six hours earlier, thus 2-3PM and the kids are exposed to this filth. I have had most of my cable channels blocked here just for such reasons. But come on Burger King, Nickelodeon, Sir Mix-a-lot and the rest of the crew that put this one together. Own up to the fact that this is a just a really huge mistake that you made and pull the commercial. It would be one thing if this was aired to the crowed that watches Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and only likewise groups, but I am seeing this add at different times of day and as a father of three I am aghast at the blatant attempt to cover this up by saying that it is only meant for adults and to gear them to buy kids meals for the kids. Um, yeah, not buying that story at all. If that where the case you could have simply paid Mr. Mix-a-lot his royalty fees for his song and aired the king watching his video while eating, followed by a commercial for BK kids meals for 99 cents. There was absolutely no need to tie all the kids stuff together with such a lewd demoralization of women and then peddle 99 cent happy meals. So many better commercial could have been made for the same cost. What a disloyalty to your customers. Well, I guess Jack will climb a little higher on my ideas of places to get my burger fix now.

Kiskeya said...

Frank says: "We are not Africa or Haiti, and should not have to be exposed to this garbage."

Mr. Frank I must say that I find that part of your comment very disturbing, if we can all agree that this is indeed garbage, why would you suggest that it's ok for Haiti or Africa? What makes these countries standards lower than ours?

It seems that you meant well with your comment but have failed to realize that with that sentence you have painted a "degenerate Stereotypical image" of those countries, which is what this whole blog is about.

In my opinion, these so called "third world countries" (a word that I really dislike) only emulate the general "American Lifestyle" because they look up to us. In fact, we should be ashamed as a nation IF "Haiti, Africa" ever see this garbage and for anyone of us to even look down at them for their lack of financial means.

Just something to think about.


Anonymous said...

BK Corporate should read their own corporate social responsibility as provided on their website info/
Burger King proclaims they have a fundamental respect for all people. I guess that's only as long as it doesn't interfer with making more money. They say they have a corporate conscience. Somebody catch it and please return it to BK executives. I have not gone to a BK since I first saw this disgusting demoralizing commercial. If we don't protect our children who will? We have a responsibility to our children and our society. Please boycott Burger King. Since money is the only thing that seems to matter to corporations lets hit them where it counts- Boycott.

Anonymous said...

In addition, have you seen their commercial with the teenage boy who encourages aliens to take his girlfriend but pleads for them to let him keep his glass?

These last couple of ads are the breaking point for me - I join with those who are boycotting.

Anonymous said...

Who feeds their babies fast food? I can understand children being fed fast food, but babies?
Ease up on the exaggerated wording to drive the point that you don't like blacksploitation.
Its hard to find a kind way to say this but please voice your opinion, don't bitch your opinion.