Thursday, April 16, 2009

Republican Talk Show Hosts Were Hoping That the Rescue of Richard Phillips Would Fail

Wingnut Republicans were hoping for Americas failure once again over the past week... this time regarding the Hostage standoff between the U.S. Navy and Somali "Pirates" who were holding Merchant Ship Captain Richard Phillips for ransom.

Limbaugh & Co. and their supporters were hoping that something would go horribly wrong... that Captain Phillips would not make it through.... so that they would be able to blame President Obama.

Late last week, and into the weekend... I heard all kinds of nonsense from Republican Talk Show hosts... They were setting up a narrative that assumed that any rescue effort would be a failure and that Phillips would not make it through the ordeal alive. Yes folks... this seems like pretty sick and twisted stuff...but this is what the Republicans were hoping for. They were painting President Obama as weak on Terrorism, weak on Security, not a good Commander-in-Chief, not ready for the 3am phone name it, they contrived it. They stated that this was a huge crisis situation for Obama...the biggest of his Presidency... and any failure would spell doom for the Obama Administration. And they were preparing to blame him as soon as disaster struck.

But luckily disaster never came... unless you were one of the 3 Somali thugs holding Phillips hostage. For once there was good news.... the U.S. prevailed (at something). Thanks to the efforts of U.S. Navy Special Forces... Phillips was successfully rescued. After Obama gave clearance for the operation.... Seals carried out the daring assault (which was astonishing in the world of marksmanship...considering targets are always bobbing and moving in various directions on the Ocean).

Once it became clear that a rescue effort had been successful and that Obama had been more involved than the propagandists had thought.... all of a sudden they didn't want to ascribe any of the good news to President Obama. All of a sudden, Obama had nothing to do with the sequence of events in the week leading up to the standoff and rescue. But we know that if it had been a failure... they would have placed President Obama right in the middle of the disaster.

This whole thing shows just how depraved some Republicans and their Radical Right Wing media have become.


Truthiz said...

"This whole thing shows just how depraved some Republicans and their Radical Right Wing media have become."

I don't AI???

IMO, that twisted-azz reich-wing bunch showed their TRUE selves a looog time ago!!!

rikyrah said...

You are on the money. They wanted the Captain to come home in a bodybag.

Tychalla said...

If those helicopters had not crashed in the desert during the Iranian hostage situation,that bitch Ronald Reagan would never have come anywhere near the White House.