Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Human Cost of The Broken Economy

Hear an NPR story about the way this economy is impacting everyday people. It shows how brutal this economy can be.

American Capitalism can really rob people of their dignity and humanity. It can rip the spirit right out of you. A cruel system indeed.

I am becoming more and more hopeless everyday (and i'm employed full-time...although under-employed). I guess I should feel lucky...but my employment situation is becoming more precarious with each passing day. Bankruptcy was officially announced this week. I started working when I was 16. And I have been employed continuously... and full-time (except for 3 months) since I was about 19 years old. I'll be 36 pretty soon. The idea of not working is unthinkable to me.

But the hopelessness is real. I have the constant feeling that i'm falling face down from the top of the Sears Tower in super slow motion.... going down a little more everyday....knowing what is waiting for me at the bottom but not being able to stop it.

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