Thursday, April 23, 2009

Soon-to-be FORMER Fox Anchor Shep Smith on the USA and Torture

Oh yeah. He's gone. But, what a way to go.


The Angry Independent said...

I'm not too sure about him being removed. You assume that FOX news has integrity. :)

Normal news organizations would have some sort of punishment in cases like this. FOX is neither a news organization or normal.

Andre said...

Outside of the obvious reasons for NEVER watching Fox News, why don't I ever get a chance to see these kind of clips live?! Still, it was fun watching this. But I'm not going to get used it...'cuz Shep is SO fired now!

On the real, I've always been torn on torture. Shep was on to something by declaring that torture has never been a tenant of the United States. But in this brave new world where the "enemy" is willing to blow him/herself up to advance their cause, playing nice in the interrogation room won't cut it. Meanwhile, engaging in torturous practices are said to be a motivation tool for extremists in training, especially if a person is falsely held captive simply for "fitting the description." This is one of the great and longstanding debates of our time. Taking a clear stance on the issue is simply not doable for me.

Watching Shep doing it (while dropping the F-bomb in the process) was pretty fun, though.