Thursday, April 16, 2009

Burger King Pulls Commercial With Mexican Theme But Continues to Run The Much More Offensive Rap Ad

Let me get this straight.... Burger King has decided to pull a commercial that had not even begun playing in North America yet, because it was offensive to Mexicans, including a few people in the Mexican government. Mexicans made it clear that they weren't having it. I think it's great that Mexicans who were offended decided to stand up and raise Hell. And it's pretty impressive that this decision apparently came within a few hours or days of the commercial being seen in Europe and someone making a complaint and sounding the alarm.

Video of Commercial

But it begs the question...if Burger King is willing to pull the above ad with such speed, shouldn't they pull the much more offensive Commercial for Kids Meals that targets Blacks? Oh... I forgot... Black folks aren't raising their voices or protesting in any serious resolute fashion... Remember what I stated before about what Blacks will put up with? Blacks are the only group that tolerates their image being mocked, attacked, typecast, and crapped on. Other groups don't tolerate this kind of nonsense.

That being said... I think business is playing a part in this particular decision....which is why there is such a disparity in the way that the company is dealing with the two commercials. Even though one commercial is far worse than the other, they decided to pull the commercial that is the least offensive of the two. Why? Because Burger King is concerned about the bottom line and nothing else. They want to maintain access to the Mexican market and its 100 million people. On the other hand, a few protest letters from offended minorities and parents is no big deal to them. Interesting stuff...

This just reinforces my dislike of the private sector and big business.... Private Corporations are inherently evil.

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Liberal Arts Dude said...

Corporate executives and those who profit from stuff like this seem to only understand one language -- that of the bottom line. If you or your population can have no effect on their bottom line, they will feel free to abuse, malign, insult and degrade you (if there is a profit to be made from it) because you don't have the capacity to fight back effectively. If you do dare to fight back in a public relations war the strategy they will take is to paint you and your side as being humorless, politically correct, suppressing free speech. You will basically be maligned for daring to stand up for yourself and your group. Questions of morality, values, doing what is right for the sake of doing the right thing -- all of that are alien concepts to these greedy, amoral jerks.

Iam Robert said...


Perhaps it's time African-Americans vote with their pocket books! I thing the issue here is that many companies (Burger King, McDonald's, etc.) feel they have many sectors of the US population in their pocket. What is really needed here are more minority business owners, producers, and most importantly, smart consumers.

Why not write organize a campaign where African-American customers comment about the commercial on Burger King’s main website? African-Americans could also ask for a comment card each and every time they visit the franchise. But the best way to get Burger King’s attention is to simply not buy their product.