Sunday, November 11, 2007

Worlds Most Dangerous Places & Biggest Flashpoints

My list of Most Dangerous Places/Top Flashpoints in the World (particularly those with international implications).

This is no scientific measurement. I put this list together based on my own readings and my own understanding of the conflicts. I basically used 2 main factors to decide what parts of the world to include and where on the list they should be.

#1. The internal intensity of a particular conflict... how has it impacted those in the immediate proximity...or what is the potential impact.

#2. What are the global implications? Could it lead to a wider conflict? Could it pull in any major powers? How do weapons of mass destruction figure in?

Some places have very intense internal or regional conflicts with a strong impact on local populations, but they may have very limited global implications (no risk of major war, natural resource shortages, little risk to the global economy, no weapons of mass destruction involved, etc). Others have very little taking place on the local level and may represent political tensions only (at the moment)...but their international implications could be huge.

It all depends on the part of the world/nation involved....and the nature of the dispute.

1. Pakistan
2. Iraq
3. Persian Gulf (U.S. - Iran)
4. Israel- Iran
5. Darfur (Sudan)
6. Georgia
7. Chad
8. Israel - Syria
9. Israel - Lebanon
10. Afghanistan (Resurgent Taliban)
11. Turkey/Iraq border
12. Caspian Region
13. Russia (internal uncertainty & a more aggressive foreign policy)
14. Pakistan - India (esp. Kashmir)
15. Congo
16. China - Taiwan
17. Ukraine - Russia
18. Chechnya, Russia
19. N. Korea (this is low on the list for the moment...thanks to diplomatic efforts. But N. Korea is still armed to the teeth).
20. Myanmar (Burma)
21. Sri Lankan civil war
22. Somalia
23. Kosovo
24. Venezuela
25. Greece - Turkey
26. China - Japan (esp. over natural resources...territorial disputes)

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