Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why I Don't Support Hillary Clinton

Jack Turner of the Jack & Jill Politics Blog, has done a three-part series outlining why he cannot support Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination. These are well thought out posts.

Here are the links:

Why I Don't Support Clinton - Part 1 - Abandoning Friends and Principles

Why I Don't Support Clinton - Part 2 - No War for Polls

Why I Don't Support Clinton - Part 3 of 3 - Two Clintons Too Many

I make no bones about it that I'm a Barack Obama supporter. But, even if he weren't in the race, I'm also clear that I'm not voting for Hillary Clinton, and believe she's the only way that the GOP can win in 2008.


Greg aka Farrod said...

What about Kucinich? Isn't he the best of all the candidates?

Constructive Feedback said...

The inference that I am able to make about certain Black folks who hold a certain ideological position is best detailed by their reverence for Dennis Kucinich.

First we have the praise for Kucinich
Is Kucinich A Blacker Candidate Than Obama?

Then we have my rebuttle

DanielleClarke said...



Petition short version:
We the under signed ask Marian Wright Edleman to show
her support for Barack Obama for president 2008. We
also would appreciate Marian explaining why her
husband resigned from Bill clintons cabinet and why on
July 24th when Marian Spoke to Amy Goodman at she didn't eleborate further in her
views of Hillary Clinton who proclaims to be the
candidate for childrens right.
The following are a few articles explaining in some
detail as to the clintons dealings with regards to
Marian Wright Edleman. (note: these articles can be
found at the petition site by clicking petition
overview under Marians picture)


Danielle Clarke

""Hillary Co-Ops Marians organization as if Marian is
endorsing her""

NOTE: The link to Hillary's site is below.

Go to Click 'HILLARY" tab at top
of page and select "Hillary's Story". Then on the
right of the page under "HILLARY ON THE ISSUES" click
"Supporting Parents and Caring for Children". In the
second paragraph read..."From her first job out of law
school at the Children's Defense Fund..."

Hillary is effectively associating herself with the
CDF without seeking actually saying she is and without
saying why Marian the individual citizen, her mentor
at CDF is not supporting her for the nomination. This
mention of the CDF by Hillary in this fashion does not
give the correct impression. Namely, that neither
Marian nor her husband, who resigned the Clinton
Administration in PROTEST, are at odds with the
Clinton's in a most serious way. What is the nature
of that disagreement when the Clinton's are giving the
impression that all is well with her relationship with
the CDF. This is SO a typically Clinton (not quite
honest) maneuver. Marian has a Christian and
Citizenship duty to correct that false impression. To
share the truth with the Democrats and the American
people BEFORE they nominate another Clinton to the
important job of President of the United States at
this critical point in our Nation's history.