Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Clinton Coronation Ceremony Continues

The coronation of Hillary Clinton continues, despite a recent Zogby Poll that questions her electability. The Poll shows Clinton trailing in a General Election matchup with leading Republicans. I agree that there were flaws in this poll, however, the results should not be totally discounted, especially since the respondents were "likely voters". Furthermore, the sample for the Zogby poll was quite large, nearly 10,000 people- or 10 times the size of the typical poll (in the 700-1200 range). Typical polls tend to gauge the sentiments from the "man on the street"- those who are chosen on a random basis. Often many of these respondents are not actual voters.

Also, see more on Clinton's mud slinging claim.

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rikyrah said...


I, too, am struck by the sheer SIZE of the Zogby Poll, which the Clintonistas have been working overtime to discredit.

While the ' Blacks favor Clinton over Obama' poll of a mere 780 people is splashed all over the media.