Monday, November 19, 2007

Amy Goodman Discusses The Gutting of U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Amy Goodman reports on continued Bush Administration efforts to gut the Commission on Civil Rights. We know that Bush & Co. decided to gut the organization years ago, but new information shows how they did it. Ironically, many of these events took place in 2004, right around the time of the phony Republican campaign to reach out to Black voters. Alberto "Gone-zales" (former Attorney General & the perhaps soon to be indicted Bush crony) was apparently in on the effort to stack the Commission.

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Constructive Feedback said...


Do you figure that the PREVIOUS line up at the USCCR was fair and above board while they were being run by Dr. Mary Francis Berry (FORMER EXECUTIVE WITH "PACIFICA NETWORK", who's management style formed a PROTEST by the WORKERS of Pacifica. SHE, a Progressive CALLED THE POLICE on those who protested outside of this PROGRESSIVE media source)?

It is interesting that we did not hear any news reports from her old employee Amy Goodwin while Dr. Berry was running the show. She showed her ability to maintain chaos once again when she ran the commission.

No word on the hijacked process for publishing findings in which meetings were called at the last minute but the PROGRESSIVES were told about them in advance but the EVIL, RACIST CONSERVATIVES who should not be on the board in the first place - if we let some people tell it - were given last minute notice. The paper was published largely without their contribution.

Free speech and openness indeed. :-/