Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Darfur Documentary From PBS

A New Documentary on Darfur is now available from PBS. The 1 hour film, entitled "On Our Watch", can be viewed online. Watch Film.

Also watch the documentary on the 1994 Rwandan genocide, entitled "The Ghosts of Rwanda". I have seen this documentary several times and I have posted it here before. "The Ghosts of Rwanda" is one of the best documentaries that I have ever seen...and I watch a lot of documentaries.

After the Rwandan genocide, the world reiterated its pledge of "Never Again".

Watch the madness that Canadian General Romeo Dallaire had to deal with, both in Rwanda and with the UN.

It is clear that there is a disparity in terms of how the world reacts to genocide in Africa and how the world reacts to genocide everywhere else. In 1999, the Clinton Administration was willing to spark WWIII to stop a relatively modest (although brutal) genocide in Kosovo. I believe the response would be similar for any such event in Europe. Yet the World seems to have a clear double standard when it comes to genocide involving dark and poor people around the Globe, especially Africans.

It is clear that Africans are at the bottom of the World's list when it comes to how they are viewed. It is clear that Africans are considered by much of the World to be of lesser value as human beings. This has been clear for decades, but these recent events have highlighted and cemented these sentiments in such a way that they leave no doubt as to where Africans stand in the World.

And one striking irony in the Darfur documentary was China's efforts to ignore the crisis. Yet when it comes to China's own genocide in the 1930's and 40's at the hands of the Japanese, then all of a sudden China wants the World's sympathy and understanding.


Anonymous said...

I would like to share documentary showcasing hard ground facts about Darfur I found online

cxx. pk. said...

Hey,There is no reason republicans would like us to go in to help Darfur or Burma. China holds the oil supplies in Sudan so we can't get any of it. So why would we spend money to help. Burma is already selling natural resources to us, and other stuff. So we don't care what they do for them to give us those things. If i had it my way i'd would have invaded Burma and Sudan-Darfur border. Instead of Iraq. There is to much sacrifice for oil that its not worth it. We need to switch to something else.Thanks you so much!!
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