Monday, October 16, 2006

The Three Black Stooges of the GOP All Falling Behind

The Three Black Stooges of the Republican Party, All Falling Behind.

Another potential colossal failure of Republican strategy. It turns out that the Three Black Stooges that Republicans created in the effort to gain Black support and split the Black vote have all fallen behind their opponents, including the highly touted Republican Michael Steele.

Photos of the Three Black Stooges cheesing and shufflin' for their bosses




View profiles of the Stooges Here.

Republicans have put on a dog and pony show effort to gain more Black support this election season, especially in the States of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland which have high numbers of African American voters in several large urban cities. The plan may have been to siphon off African American votes from Democrats to give Republicans a better chance at victory.

There are several Black candidates running in key parts of the country this year, but these 3 candidates represent the top three black Republican candidates.

The three were introduced as major candidates earlier this year with great fanfare. The Republican Party pumped millions into their campaigns. But despite all of the publicity, the use of State-Run media (Fox,etc), money, the visits of George Bush, the plan to attract Black voters appears to be a huge failure, just like several other Republican strategies of recent years.

As we are getting closer to the mid term elections, voters are beginning to pay more attention to actual issues, and are better able to see through the Republican propaganda, which has been bombarding the public airwaves for much of the past year. The voters are seeing these guys for what they are- Stooges and props for the Republican Party....Black men allowing themselves to be used by a political organization that does not have the interests of African Americans or the poor anywhere near the top of their agenda.... some might say that such interests are not even a footnote for the Republican Party.

I’m holding on to hope that all 3 will lose miserably on election day.

Lynn Swann Falling Behind in Pennsylvania

Ken Blackwell Falling Behind in Ohio

And Michael Steele Falling Behind in Maryland

---- But from watching news and reading blogs you easily get the impression that these guys are frontrunners.... that's especially the perception that's given by big media networks....which provides free airtime and free marketing to these guys everytime they do a story on them (Thanks to State Run Media which helps the Republicans). We have hardly heard anything at all about the Democratic opponents in any of the three fact, most people don't even know the names of the Democratic challengers in any of these races.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you. I too want these bozos to loose come November. What is up with Steel having Don King and Mike Tyson campainging for him. He is such a tool.