Monday, October 02, 2006

More on Republican Congressional Scandal and Cover up

Influential Conservative Group Calls For Hastert to Step Down

Michael Reagan, son of the late President, also calls for Republican heads to roll.

Other Republicans are quickly cutting their "official" ties to Mark Foley. Republican Party in meltdown.

Will Dennis Hastert and other Republican leaders be held accountable for their crimes? They willfully endangered the welfare of children by not taking action to remove Foley months ago, allowing him to have continued access to children. In fact, it has come to light that this activity was going on for at least 3 years, while Republican leaders covered it up, putting children at risk.
In fact, it may have been known as many as 5 years ago.

What did the Republican leaders know, and when did they know it?

The Republican leaders involved in the cover-up scandal include:

Dennis Hastert- Speaker of the House & Leader of Congress

John Beohner- Majority Leader- House of Representatives

Tom Reynolds- Chairman of the Republican Congressional Committee

--Other leaders may have also been aware and failed to take action.


Republicans In full Spin Mode- Trying to get their lies straight so that they can manipulate the American people. The Mighty Republican Media Machine is trying to do damage control.

T.V. & Radio talk show hosts and news commentators (spokespeople for the Republican Party) are out in full swing....

**Republican spokesman Matt Drudge has stated that the contacts were completely o.k. and everyone is overreacting. According to Matt Drudge, sexual conduct with underage victims is o.k. (this is literally what he said, I heard him myself). Drudge also labelled the children as aggressors and "beasts". And he suggested that Foley was the victim in the incidents. Listen Here and Here.

Attention Matt Drudge: Legally and ethically, whether or not the kids encouraged a 50 year old man is completely irrelevant to the situation. Minors have no legal culpability regarding contact with sexual predators. Responsibility rests with the adult in such cases.
--The Angry Independent


**Fox News has been running conspiracy theories all weekend, and downplaying the scandal.

**Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, Laura Ingraham, and all the rest of the Republican spokespeople (& henchmen) have been doing the same.


The FBI has begun an investigation of the Foley matter. Hastert has asked the Attorney General to begin an investigation. However, I believe that Hastert is only doing so as a way to provide cover for himself. The Attorney General has become a convenient tool for covering up Republican crimes.

Hastert only asked for an investigation because there was pressure to do so. Why didn't he ask for an investigation when he (& other Republican leaders) first became aware of the misconduct? It is clear that they failed to act.

Any FBI investigation needs to focus on the activities of the Republican leaders who failed to act and in doing so, endangered the welfare of children.

Even Foley's office tried to cover up the ABC report. Read story here. This makes it more conceivable, and more likely that there was a wider cover-up all along. It shows that Foley was out there trying to keep this thing quiet. And it probably involved the Republican leadership earlier on.


Meanwhile, Foley (as part of his legal defense strategy) has checked himself into a substance abuse rehab program. He is now trying to claim that he was drunk during the e-mail and text message exchanges.

It has also come to light that Foley attempted to meet some of the underaged boys (yet another crime). By soliciting the boys, Foley committed a Felony under U.S. Federal and State laws.
This would be among a half dozen other laws and policies that were broken.

Also, other page boys have been coming forward. At least five have come forward so far, with more to come i'm sure. So this idea that this was an isolated incident or some fraud (which is the argument of all the Right Wing Republican spokespeople in TV and Radio) is just a lie that they want the American people to believe. This was in fact, more widespread than Republicans have admitted so far.


Read more about the Page program here.

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