Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Stem Cell Debate in Missouri

Listen to the Missouri Stem Cell Debate.

The Stem Cell initiative here will be Amendment 2 on the Missouri ballot.

Hear advocates from both sides of the Debate.

Progressives who support the Amendment sent a weak spokesman to represent them in the Debate....part of the larger problems that Democrats are having nationwide.... not arguing effectively and challenging misinformation.

I could have gotten a law student from St. Louis University or Washington University and given them 3 or 4 days to make a case....they would have made better arguments and would have been more aggressive than this guy....

He allowed the Conservative spokeswoman to lie at least 10 times about what the Amendment actually does....without challenging and correcting her. This Conservative, pro;life advocate was shipped into the St. Louis area by the Republican Party to Swiftboat the Stem Cell initiative. The Republicans have been extremely effective so far....They are in the process if killing the Amendment and also sinking the campaign of Democrat Claire McCaskill.

The pro-life group has successfully turned the Stem Cell issue into an abortion issue....which has energized the Conservative base in Missouri.

It was dumb liberals who put this Amendment on the ballot....but they turned around and neglected to plan to properly defend it.... Not only that, but they have actually helped Republicans by allowing Republicans to use it as an abortion issue to energize Conservatives and encourage many more Republican voters to come out and vote. Now...many more Conservatives will be coming out to vote than there would be if the Amendment were never proposed.

This will severely hurt Claire McCaskills Senate chances. If McCaskill loses, this will certainly be one of the reasons, if not a main reason for the defeat. Once again, Democrats...through their bungling, lack of planning & strategy, and lack of skill in winning elections, are shooting themselves in the foot. This is equal to a soccer player putting the ball into the goal of the opponent, winning the championship game for the other team.

Republicans usually use wedge issues, such as abortion, gay marriage, etc as part of their get out the vote strategy.... They used this strategy extremely effectively in 2000 and 2004. But this time around, Democrats are helping the Republicans execute their own putting issues like this on the ballot or making them into big issues right before important elections... remember Rosie O'Donnell and all sorts of other high profile Gays and Lesbians falling right into the Republican trap a few years back? Republicans push the buttons....hoping for (and banking on) certain reactions from these crazy Liberals...who keep the issue in the spotlight for Republicans by doing these kinds of protests...which help to create public controversy. This in turn helps Republicans win elections. It's one of the best plays in the Republican Party strategy book.... and Liberals fall for it everytime. This is why Modern Republican strategists and planners are some of the greatest strategists of all-time...... regardless of what happens on Nov. 7th.

Democrats are becoming their own worse enemy....

The same thing is happening in New Jersey right now with Gay marriage. This is back on the front pages there..... Conservatives were pretty much going to stay home.... the anti-Gay marriage crowd really had no reason to vote....and Mendendez (the Democratic Candidate for Senate) was coasting to an easy victory.... now that may be at that Conservatives have been riled up in the past few days.

Regardless of what happens on Nov. 7th.... I think Democrats are basically too stupid to maintain any gains that they achieve. So victory will be temporary.... Republicans still have the upper hand.

I'm disgusted right now.....

Listen to Debate Here.

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