Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where Do They Get These Kneegrows?

from Religious Right Watch:

Tea Party Leader: African Americans Can’t Be Christian And Support Obama

Ron Miller is the president of the Tea Party group Regular Folks United, and a former Republican candidate for Congress and the Maryland state senate. Miller, who is a black former staffer with the Bush Administration, adamantly defends Tea Party activists from charges of racism, blaming Obama for his “open display of condescension toward ordinary Americans.” But while Miller deplores charges of racism against members of the Tea Party, he claims that African Americans only support Obama because he is black. He told the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow that anyone who backs Obama cannot be Christian, and black Obama voters “place their blackness ahead of Christ”

Sometimes, you come across these fools, and just have to show them for what they are.

African-Americans only support Obama because he is Black.

Barack Obama got 95% of the Black Vote.

Every Democratic Presidential Candidate from Jimmy Carter on has gotten upper 80th percentile to 90+% of the Black vote.

Yet, they were all WHITE candidates.

So, does Barack Obama getting 95% of the Black vote have to do with him being Black, or him being the Democratic Candidate for President?

So, BIG FAIL on that idiot point.

Now, let's get to "place their blackness ahead of Christ”

What does CHRIST have to do
a) Blackness
b) How I vote

You know, this type of Black person gets on my last nerve. Going before White folk, shinning and grinning. He doesn't have the nerve to go down to Mount Olive Missionary Baptist and tell those parishoners this garbage he's telling those White folk. He wouldn't dare take himself before a bunch of Black folk and utter this garbage to their faces. He doesn't have the nerve.

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