Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About Libya and the No-Fly Zone

about Libya:

my whole thing is, from the beginning - this is NOT our problem.

I know enough about politics and Geopolitics, especially OIL-based politics.

here's the thing - this is NOT ' our' oil.

this is Europe's oil.
this is China's oil.

we BARELY have diplomatic relations with Libya, and somehow, it's OUR problem?


I was watching Roland Martin's show, and how come it's up to the Black folks to break it down. NOWHERE ELSE did I hear it broken down like it was on his panel today.

1. why is this US's problem?
2. How come the ARABS can't enforce the NO-FLY ZONE? they have enough do we know this? WE SOLD IT TO THEM.
3. how is it with us barely having diplomatic relations with Libya, does it fall on THIS President.

Cynthia Tucker said it - we only have diplomatic relations with Libya because of George W., if this is anyone's problem, it's HIS.

I am disappointed in our involvement in this, but I don't blame the President, and I'm not going crazy like other folks, mainly because everything that had to happen in order for this President to actually AGREE to this - happened. So, what's the man supposed to do?

I think that the Arab League was shocked that folks took them seriously...AND AT THEIR WORD that they wanted a NO-FLY ZONE. IMO, they thought that the old reliables - CHINA and/or RUSSIA would provide the objecting vote on the Security Council, and then they'd be able to go ' oh well, we wanted a NO-FLY ZONE, but it didn't make it out of the Security Council'. When the abstentions happened, and the NO-FLY Zone passed, they went ' OH SHIT'. Now, we have these suckers trying to do the backtrack to which I say - HELL TO THE NAW on that.

I am not happy, but there are some things in which I'm tired of folks trying to hang on this President, especially when it comes to foreign policy. I don't want no damn Cowboy. I want someone who gets that folks in the rest of the world should have the option for self-determination, even if it's messy. I believe this President understands that.

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