Thursday, March 31, 2011

There is a special place reserved for Governor Scott of Florida

from ThinkProgress:

Today, Rick Scott Will Lay Out Cuts For Developmentally Disabled And Then Attend A Special Olympics Photo-Op
Today, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) will announce deep cuts to programs that help the developmentally disabled in his state. Scott will invoke his “emergency powers” to impose a 15 percent cut to the rates charged by group home workers and case workers that help the 30,000 Floridians with cerebral palsy, autism, and Down Syndrome.

Those who provide services to the developmentally disabled are already decrying the cuts. “This would be a catastrophe,” one advocate told the Miami Herald. “The system can’t take this. Eventually, we will have to cut jobs and reduce services.”

Scott says the cuts are necessary to address a $170 million deficit in the Agency for Persons with Disabilities — but at the same time, he is also proposing $1.5 billion in corporate tax cuts and $1.4 billion more in property tax cuts.

Even more galling, today — the same day his cuts are announced — Scott is scheduled to appear at a Special Olympics Torch Run with his wife and other state officials. The run is designed to promote the upcoming Special Olympics in Florida, and raise money for developmentally disabled athletes along the way:

Some people.......should just burn in hell.


prosey said...

Was there supposed to be an image embedded here?

Anyway...great post. I agree...there is a special place for cretins like him. *sigh*

Roderick said...

Rikyrah, I don't know if you missed it or not but Scott wants all welfare recipients to pay $35 for their own drug tests and he wants all state workers to undergo periodic drug screening and this fools says that Florida has a massive deficit and needs to cut the budget.

I guess he will make the state employees pay for their own drug tests too.

Of course Solatic( a company in which Scott's wife has invested $62 million) performs drug tests among other services.