Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mixed-Race Marriages in Mississippi

I have a small quote in this NY Times article. That is the insignificant part. The bigger question is, how important do you think this story is? What does is it say about Mississippi that it's not until 2011 that a reporter can do a story about this topic in a (mostly) positive light?

Even better, I've only received one racist/hate email. After posting this, though, I might get more. I have not and will not respond to the emailer:

Look Marvin

I am sure you are a good person, who is intelligent as evidenced by your PHd; but I just wanted to let you know that your marriage to a white woman is wrong in some ways.

Firstly, say you have kids - those kids will likely have identity issues their whole lives - not really being able to subscribe to 'being black' or 'being white'. Do you really want that?

And secondly - why couldn't you just marry a nice black girl? I mean are you ashamed of yourself, to the point that you thought that you would try and mix your genes so that your kids would have to be a black man/woman?

I'm a mild mannered, sensible person; but there's something about seeing a black man and white woman which is so wrong.

I could be wrong and I hope you can respond.


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