Thursday, July 15, 2010

What if the Tea Party Were Black?

Blogger, Professor, & author Christopher Chambers discusses the Tea Party on the RT network.

(I got distracted by Alyona Minkovski - Hawt!)

Dr. Errington Thompson covered this today as well.


Andre said...

I think it's pretty obvious how a black Tea Party would be perceived.

Perhaps the better question is: who is homegirl doing this interview? She's smoking! AI, to steal a page from your playbook, I'd list her as a "Wife of the Moment."

Back to more important things, now.

Andre said...

Sorry AI, I missed your commentary. I see it now. Asked and answered.

rikyrah said...

if they were Black?

they would have been rounded up and arrested at the first protest.


ch555x said...

That would be a weird alternative world to live in...

I guess I'd be on the level of what are they all angry and worried about? The English, Christian fascist isn't hurting anyone (strictly hypothetical)...;)