Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just in case you were wondering about WHY the NAACP did its Tea Party Resolution

Here's something from Jill Tubman to explain:

The Tea Party’s leaders’ claims of race-neutrality ring hollow given their racially-inflammatory words and strategy. I exposed the Tea Party’s double-talk here at some length yesterday. Here’s new video from Think Progress (courtesy of Eric Wingerter over at the NAACP – thanks) from actual Tea Party rallies among their rank and file members out that highlights the rampant racism motivating the their critique of the Obama Administration.


Anonymous said...

Oh please, this is a disingenuous hack job. The "White Supremist" is taken from a video that has been on YouTube for months -- taken by TEA partiers who didn't like this guy, confronted him, etc. You destroy your credibility when you are this dishonest. Just like not playing the whole clip of Sherrod's speech. People on all sides are SICK of it. Want to get taken seriously, be serious, open-minded and honest about what you post.

Brian said...

The video is clear. There have been too many instances of this kind of behavior at Tea Party events all across the Country. Once the evidence has piled up to a certain point... it begins to tell the truth. You can complain all you want.... but it isn't going to change the facts.

Perhaps you should focus on expending your energy changing the Tea Party from within, to get rid of the racists who are at its core, rather than trying to convince us that the sky is pink and the earth is flat.

Agawa said...

The video is NOT "clear" and has been unmasked as the skewed hack job that it is. And there is no "evidence" piled up that the TEA party is racist, except in the minds of the JournoList crew who need to use the false charge of "racism" to deflect from any meaningful debate.

You believe this video because it plays perfectly into your biases and entrenched prejudices.