Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What do you call a Black Man Who Is President of the United States?

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VIDEO: MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Calls President Obama “A Little Boy”
on Morning Joe

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Dylan Ratigan: He(President Barack Obama) didn’t do it. when the wall street guys got across the table from him you’re going to change our tax code, little boy? i think not because i tell you when you’re 75 or 80-year-old billionaire from new york who is looking at any government in this country that is trying to play with the tax code, you know who wins? the 80-year-old billionaire in new york every time. if it’s teddy roosevelt in the white house who is not intimidated by these types of people, he might say, listen, i don’t care who you are and how rich you are it’s not going happen but with this guy he bends over every time.


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Brian said...

I was ready to rip into Ratigan before watching the clip. But i'm glad I watched the clip a couple of times to get the proper context of his comment.

It sounded to me like he was not referring to Obama directly, but was talking from the point of view of the billionaire bankers...saying what they were telling him during the bailout period (which was set in motion by George W. Bush....not Obama. They talk as if Obama had much of a choice in continuing many of those measures in the early days of 2009.)
But back to the point...

His comments, (in context) are not even close...not even in the same league with the kind of language used by Limbaugh, Beck, Savage & Company, where they very openly and proudly make disrespectful comments to not only delegitimize Obama as President, but deligitimize him as a man. This situation isn't even remotely close to what they do on a regular basis.

I'm not a fan of Ratigan....I don't really follow his show much at all (I just don't care for it...some of his positions annoy me). But from what I can tell, he's not a rabid Right wing nut. I've always seen him as a moderate Progressive. He's even hosted The Young Turks show. (One of my favorite web programs - a Progressive Program).

Ratigan is dissatisfied with Obama because he's NOT DOING ENOUGH to match his core Progressive principles. Not the other way Buchanan & the rest. He's dissatisfied with Obama for some of the same reasons that I'm dissatisfied with him.

I didn't sense any racial connotations in what he was trying to say.

The Right has been doing so much race baiting that it puts us on hair trigger alert sometimes, lol. I think this is a false alarm.

Jonathan Capehart did a really good commentary on this today.... pretty much sees this as I do. Read here.

ch555x said...

LOL...with all the doom and gloom, it's easy to jump the gun!