Friday, July 30, 2010

Republicans Vote Against Supporting 9/11 Heroes

But these are the same jackasses who love to tout their patriotism and love to throw 9/11 around when they are cheerleading for more war...all while claiming to support the heroes. In fact, the images and memories of 9/11 have been at the core of the Republican brand since September 11th, 2001. They have turned that disaster into slogans for their campaigns...time and time again. There were several years where you couldn't get them to stop campaigning on 9/11.... you couldn't avoid it if you were at a Republican event. Oh the irony.

I bet these lying, hypocritical pieces of scum sleep well at night. I don't know how they do it... but I bet they do.

The bill was the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. Read more from Huffpo.

Congressman Anthony Weiner lashed out at Republicans. (This man should be Speaker of the House, Majority Leader, or Whip - with all due respect to Hoyer & Clyburn).

Loved his response...where he basically told a Republican to sit _______ down. Most of the Dems in Congress are spineless...can't say I have seen this much passion before out of any of them. They are far too passive.


Anonymous said...

There were some poison pills in this bill including an expansion of an economic assistance fund for New Yorkers. The Dems forced this to be a 2/3rds vote instead of a simple majority knowing most Repuplicans couldn't vote for the extra spending. In other words the Dems set the Republicans up. Probably the same way the Republicans set up the Dems when they were in the majority. It's really just another example of how the 2 party system is not interested in representing the people.

Anonymous said...

The gop is being run over by a small minority group that talks loud but really cant win anything on its own. Tea baggers are forcing the gop to move so far right that the party is starting to resemble nazi germany 6 years before the second world war. Demonize a people (Jews/ illegals) set a core group to protest ( the films of nazi flags and black shoed storm troopers/ tea bagger conventions) and frenzy the stupid (thats u and me ). Wake Up America.

Brian said...

"frenzy the stupid (thats u and me)."

Can't speak for you. But that doesn't include me. But it does include the masses of those who haven't been engaged and aren't as aware of issues, or those who tend to be of a certain political, ideological, & cultural persuasion.

I think I got your point though. Thanks for the comment.

Brian said...

I don't believe there were any other big controversial amendments or other items attached to this bill. In fact, it appears that the Dems chose the 2/3 vote as a way to avoid allowing Republicans to add a bunch of nonsensical amendments to poison the legislation... so that it would fail. This is something that the Republicans do all the time.

You can read the bill here. (pdf)

Anonymous said...

Well, the swastikas and nazi imagery are what i see from the left all the time .... bushchimphitler ... and most recently again with the illegal alien lovefest where a protest sign substituted the stars for a swastika.

and the dems wanted to grandstand and use the opportunity to shove through a bunch of crap they couldn't done on a stand alone basis. so much for "change" and "transparency". same lying liars, different day. yawn.

"teabagger". yeah, that's not demonizing a whole group of ... not at all. lovin' the tolerance.

"we are all fascists now". with the control of industry, media, and our healthcare, obama is a our first truly fascist prez. way to go!