Sunday, December 21, 2008

Random Thoughts and Stories On My Radar....

* The great staff at Think Progress has been keeping track of Bush's last minute efforts to turn back the clock. Will Obama reverse these actions? With Obama's recent efforts to morph into a Republican.... it's hard to really tell what he will do once he is sworn in.

* The American Mafia known as the RIAA has decided to change tactics. Its extortion campaign apparently didn't have the desired impact. But will the new tactics be even worse? We shall see.

* Here's an example of why I don't date Black women. Tyra Skanks Banks celebrated the career of rapper thug Ludacris this past week on her program.... and did the same with another a few weeks ago...treating them as GODS and giving them a heroes welcome on her Talk Show. Of course the dingbats in her audience went wild for the "gangster rappers". This represents the core of why I hate modern Black American culture....and why I have a "Why did God make me Black?" moment at least twice a day.

When I mentioned this to a few black bloggers (women) they saw no problem with the Tyra episodes. No big deal. Black women so often embrace the parts of their culture that degrade them. It's one of the strangest ironies about Black American Culture. It supports the "Black women and their Race to the Bottom" idea.... it is proven right a hundred times a day.

I'll ask again... why are these characters continuously celebrated by Blacks...especially by Black women? Just look at the comments left on the Tyra Banks website (by Black women). These men (rappers in particular) are idolized by Black women. It leaves me scratching my head.

The worst of Black manhood is always pushed to the forefront...and often becomes representative of the "Black male".... which is why I hate waking up everyday as a Black man. It drives me crazy.

* Al Franken has pulled ahead in the Minnesota Senate Recount against incumbent Norm Coleman. It appears that Coleman may have shot himself in the foot with his own recount strategy. Karma indeed.

I guess this will mean 59 Dem votes in the Senate....although it's more like 58, because Lie-berman doesn't really count anymore. But with 58, it may be an easier task to find a few moderate Republicans to support the agenda for the next four years. Of course there are a few Conservative Democrats in the Senate that Obama will also have to convince.

* The Center for Public Integrity recently issued a report listing 128 policy failures of the Bush Administration.


Miriam said...

Hi. Re: waking up everyday as a black man, etc.

I'm sure you already know, everybody is an individual. Despite all the confines of predestined stuff such as skin color, gender, etc., in the end its what you want to do and how much you push in life.

Individual redemption (from bad imagry, whatnots) comes before communal redemption.

Brian said...

Sure, everyone is an individual, but we are not always perceived as such.

No matter how hard I work... I am still attached to the negative imagery and stereotypes; often perpetuated by those of the same shade.

I'm probably too sensitive to this stuff.... but it drives me crazy.

I let dizzy folks like Tyra Banks annoy me.... and the fact that I even allow it is just as frustrating as the root problems.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I ask why I was born black but I feel your frustration. Horrifyingly I'm more vexed by current black culture in general. We celebrate the same thugs, drug dealers and murderers who have helped turn our neighborhoods into war zones. Where automatic weapons are shot at apartment buildings. Where old people are robbed and in some cases beat'n. And these men put all that to music and are proud of the fires they help set. And we cheer and applaud. Reminds me of those "back to africa brotha's and sisters" that praised those butchers in africa for running their own countrys. It's sad.

BTW, get ready for the Notorious B.I.G. movie being more successful than anything Denzel or Morgan Freeman ever put out combined.