Monday, December 15, 2008

Senator Caroline Kennedy?

From The NYTimes

Caroline Kennedy to Seek Clinton’s Senate Seat
Published: December 15, 2008

Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of an American political dynasty, has decided to pursue the United States Senate seat being vacated by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York. The decision came after a series of deeply personal and political conversations, in which Ms. Kennedy, whom friends describe as unflashy but determined, wrestled with whether to give up what has been a lifetime of avoiding the spotlight.

Kennedy made calls on Monday morning to alert political figures to her interest.

Gov. David A. Paterson of New York confirmed that she was interested in being appointed.

“She told me she was interested in the position,” Mr. Paterson said at a news conference. “She realized it wasnot a campaign, but she was talking to other people because shethought that a number of people, she felt, should know that she’sinterested in the position. She’d like at some point to sit down andtell me what she thinks her qualifications are.”

I have no qualms with this. And Gov. Paterson should make this appointment and be over with it. Kennedy-Schlossberg is as qualified as carpetbagger Hillary Clinton was when she ran, plus, she's an actual New Yorker.


Nancy Hanks said...

"Kennedy-Schlossberg is as qualified as carpetbagger Hillary Clinton was when she ran, plus, she's an actual New Yorker." I completely agree. Although Caroline Kennedy doesn't particularly fit the bill as a Citizen Representative, I think she comes a bit closer than Hillary. And speaking as an independent, Hillary Clinton has never been friendly to independents. Frankly, in spite of her "tenure", a powerful alliance between black and independent voters in NYC had no hesitancy in showing her the door, in spite of the lopsided support from partisan politicians in NYC. Personally speaking, I applaud Caroline Kennedy's stepping up to the plate at this moment.

And, in the final analysis, it will be the people who need to decide.


Hello there!

I think that there are many people speculating about WHY Caroline Kennedy has decided to step into the role of Senator.

It's a no brainer. This country is going to hell in a hand basket and everyone who is ABLE to wield influence on a broad level in a way that will produce positive change for this country better step off of the yacht and out of obscurity NOW.

I think Caroline now realizes that this nation needs more of her leadership on the front lines.

Her mother always said in interviews that Caroline was the child that she felt would be the best-suited for public life.

Caroline got married and devoted her life to her children while maintaining a STRONG presence in the political arena supporting progressive-thinking candidates WITHOUT having her name in every issue and cause that she has been advancing from the sidelines.

Obama did not bring her out front simply because her last name was Kennedy. He knew that she had a very seasoned understanding of the political machine in his country because her own family has helped to shape that political machine.

People claim that sitting on boards is not "REAL" experience. They have never served on a board with a significant role because boards members hire and fire organization and corporate officials and shape policy and guide organizations to market leadership. Board members are responsible for evaluating the implementaion of initiatives and for evaluating the effectiveness of leadership practices.

Caroline has had this responsibility for decades. I don't feel we should take it lightly.

Caroline is unimpressed by wealth and power and is the least likely to be "bought" by Washington special interest groups. Caroline also understands consensus building. She will be a unifier and I believe that is vitally necessary.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I can't co-sign on this one. One of the main reasons I vehemently opposed Hillary's run for office was because of my opposition to monarchies and political heirlooms. Had this chick's name not been "Kennedy", would we be talking about her right now? Really?

Now, she's no Sarah Palin to be sure. She can formulate clear and lucid statements and probably won't substitute intelligence and ability with folksy charm. But outside of not being a clueless ditz, what else - outside of legacy - could make the average person see how putting yet another Kennedy in office is the best thing to do? Getting the nod based on star power has never been a good look.

Brian said...

Andre makes excellent points.

I think Democratic nepotism is just as bad as the Republican variety.

I guess i'm not as up in arms about this one because it's a Senate seat...and not the Presidency or Vice Presidency. She won't be in control of nukes... and she is not likely to make grand decisions that will impact me directly...Although her one vote in the Senate could have an impact on war and could determine what kind of legislation is passed. I'd prefer a more experienced candidate...but it's out of the hands of the people.... (as is usually the case).

But by law (as corrupt and corruptible as it is) the Governor can make the appointment.

I think the people of New York should vote... but Paterson..doesn't seem to be going in that direction.

Anonymous said...

Yo AI, let the head scratching (or headshaking) commence.

Oh to be white, rich, and well connected. Voting history? Who needs it? Experience? Be damned! Last name of _____ (fill in the blank with an affluent political character). When can you start?

Oh my damn. What the hell is wrong with this country?