Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Corporate Pimp Bob Johnson Now a Spokesman for Civil Rights?

Bob Johnson, a man who made a fortune perpetuating negative images of Blacks and destroying Black Culture in this Country, is now positioning himself as a spokesperson for Civil Rights and proclaims to know what is best for Black voters. It wasn't that long ago that Johnson was a minion for the Bush administration. Now he is supporting Hillary Clinton.

Johnson's recent comments about Barack Obama's drug use was a clear attempt to demonize the candidate and to scare voters. This is part of what has turned out to be a pattern from the Clinton camp. It is true that the media has been hyping the Clinton/Obama mess for ratings purposes (the whole reason why these candidates were even made frontrunners by the media in the first place was because of the ratings potential) but the Johnson comments really seemed to be over the top. And it appeared to be an attempt by Clinton to sanitize the remarks and blunt any possible criticism by having the comments made by another Black person, instead of having the guts to say it herself.

Bob Johnson's latest hustle is telling Black folks how hard the Clintons have worked for so-called "Black issues", which is a bunch of nonsense. The Clintons have become this mythical couple in the "Black Community" mostly because of folks like Bob Johnson inflating their record. The hyperbole has gotten so bad in the years since Bill Clinton left office that some have called Clinton the first Black President.

But do Blacks really know about the history of the Clinton's or are they simply going by what the TV pundits have been saying? I believe the latter is the case. What exactly have the Clintons specifically done for Black Americans? If you pose that question to Black folks, most would not be able to recall two things that the Clintons have come up with to help the so-called "Black Community". That's because the Clintons record does not live up to the hype.

Just because Slick Willy loved to visit Black Churches and schmooze with Black ministers and celebs, does not make him a champion for Black Causes. But I guess all of the hype sounds good to certain ears in the "Black Community".

Bob Johnson partying with thug rapper Ludacris at the entertainers 30th Birthday bash

Take a look at the work of street thug Ludacris, enabled by Bob Johnsons BET. Warning: The Following Videos Are Not Safe For Work (or any other setting for that matter). This is generally the kind of garbage that Bob Johnson peddled to Blacks, & Black youth in particular, when he owned the network. It's still being pumped into Black households to this day. What a nice legacy of uplifting Black Americans. Video One, Video Two, Video Three.

In their attempt to be gain the so-called "Black vote" the Clintons have been reaching out to all of the wrong people. Last week, Bill Clinton ran to Rev. Al Sharpton (that guy who White Americans see as the "go to" man for all Black issues and who represents all Black people) in an attempt to clean up remarks from an earlier spat. Now they drag in Bob Johnson. They already have their hooks in the CBC (Congressional Black Circus) and those from the group who represent the traditional Civil Rights Industrial Complex. The Problem is.... none of these high profile figures represent the whole, or even a significant part of so-called "Black America". They don't represent the needs and concerns of real people on the ground in South Carolina, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Houston, Baltimore, Memphis, Philly, Cleveland, Oakland, Miami, or any other place in the Country with a high concentration of African Americans in communities that are devastated.

Every week I am seeing a new clown on mainstream media who claims to be my representative. When will mainstream media, and phony politicians, stop playing this Rent-A-Negro game? When will they realize that Blacks in this Country are not part of a monolith? Blacks are more diverse than ever, socially, economically, and politically. If the Clintons are so comfortable with Black people, then why do they feel the need to use other people to speak to Blacks on their behalf? Why not speak directly to voters? What are they afraid of? Stop going out and renting people, or using other Blacks as some sort of filter to speak through....or as a source for validation.

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SheCodes said...

Every week I am seeing a new clown on mainstream media who claims to be my representative. When will mainstream media, and phony politicians, stop playing this Rent-A-Negro game?

Thank you. Please add CNN news media to that list.

darent said...

The liberal press should be scrutinizing and criticizing the Clintons' involvement with this idiotic man Bob Johnson. But the Clintons and the liberal media are so corrupt, it's terrible.

On a different subject, don't people remember the Rodham's involvement in the horrible pardon scandal... ? http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,100329,00.html

happyman said...

in spanish and asian,i suffer fron alil racism as well.And im thankful african americans are fighting for equal rights across the bored.some good white folks just dont know no better to talk directly to minority voters.they havent grasp the courage behind Realtalking.