Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Obama and the Courts

If you'll notice, the tenor of our political discussions have mellowed since November 4th. Partly, this is because the mass media has stopped covering politics 24/7, partly this is because Sarah Palin isn't whipping her supporters into a frenzy calling PEBO a "socialist" who "palls around with terrorists," and partly because many conservatives are pleased with Obama's transition effort - to date.

Obama is building his political capital. He knows that liberal and moderates will give him a few month honeymoon when he takes the oath of office on January 20, but he can extend his honeymoon by making the occasional overture to conservatives. Keeping Gates on as Sect. of Defense and Paul Volcker to be one of his economic advisers does this.

In so doing, many are already talking of Obama building an era of post-partisanship. We should only be so lucky.


Brian said...

Obama has over compensated in the effort to look "post partisan".

The guy has Karl Rove singing his praises.... for the choices he has made so far. While Progressives and liberal Democrats (those who played a big role in helping him get elected) have been locked out.

Having Karl Rove give his approval for your Cabinet choices isn't necessarily a good thing... not in my view.

Obama is looking more and more like business as usual. We're reminded of this today, with more of his associates going to jail.

will said...

Band-aids come in many shapes and colors. I still bet the neocons and christian taliban are using this lull for sharpening their knives.