Friday, May 16, 2008

McCain Wanted To Talk To Hamas TOO

h/t jedreport

Um, Senator 'Straight Talk Express' McCain isn't speaking such straight talk. After running up behind Dubya yesterday in his criticism of Obama being an ' appeaser', lo and behold, what is found?

From an interview 2 years ago:

RUBIN: "Do you think that American diplomats should be operating the way they have in the past, working with the Palestinian government if Hamas is now in charge?"

McCAIN: "They're the government; sooner or later we are going to have to deal with them, one way or another, and I understand why this administration and previous administrations had such antipathy towards Hamas because of their dedication to violence and the things that they not only espouse but practice, so . . . but it's a new reality in the Middle East. I think the lesson is people want security and a decent life and decent future, that they want democracy. Fatah was not giving them that."


Will Dubya come out and call McCain an appeaser? Or is McCain a flip-flopper?

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Brian said...

Good find.

I knew I heard about a softening of McCains rhetoric before...regarding Iran and Hamas.

Now that McCain has won the Rethuglican Nomination, he wants to make sure that he sounds like the tough guy to "appease" his base...the pro-war Conservatives.

Straight Talk?

I hope the Obama people are on top of this stuff.... in the past, they have seemed to drop the ball.

Obama will definitely have to make some changes to his war room if he wants to increase his chances in November. The current group seems to be lacking.