Thursday, May 08, 2008

Final Indiana Results

This just in from the Obama campaign.
The final vote tally for Indiana has been certified the results are as follows:

FINAL INDIANA TALLY — As per Indiana Sec. of State is:
Hillary Clinton: 637,814 / 50.4%
Barack Obama: 626,642 / 49.6%
Diff. = 11,152 votes (less than 1 %)


ConservativeRepublican said...

I am amazed at how close Sen. Obama came. I have to post this on my blog. Thanks for the info.

Reid said...

The numbers currently being posted by the Indiana SOS are higher, i.e. I don't think your numbers are "final".

Hillary Clinton 643797
Barack Obama 629310

Also, it takes weeks for election results to be certified.

whim said...

These numbers don't add up. If you subtract them, the difference is 11,172 (not 11,152). Can you give a link to the Indiana SOS? I can't find it on their site.

Anonymous said...

The IN SoS site explicitly says: "The results are *not* official and final." Sheesh, if you can't trust a random blogger, who can you trust?

643,797 - 629,310 = 14,487

Still close, just more than 11,000.