Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Obama Wins North Carolina, Clinton Wins Indiana Through Rush Limbaugh's 'Operation Chaos'

North Carolina Results:

With 99% Precincts Reporting
Obama - 56%
Clinton - 42%

Male ( 43%)
Obama - 57%
Clinton - 39%

Female (57%)
Obama - 54%
Clinton - 42%

Obama won EVERY educational level.
Obama won EVERY income level.


He has ERASED her Popular Vote Gains from Pennsylvania.
Vote margin: 232,762


With 99% Precincts Reporting
Obama - 49%
Clinton - 51%

Clinton margin of victory: 22,019

Barack Obama came within 22k in INDIANA.

Shallow point - loved the fit of Michelle's dress, not too crazy about the color.

Update Shallow Point - I apologize to Michelle Obama and her stylist. While that dress didn't do well on television, in print, on every newspaper I saw today, it looked fabulous.


From Barack Obama Tonight:

I didn't expect when I ran for president that I would avoid this kind of politics; I ran because it is time to end it ... We will end it by telling the truth. Forcefully, repeatedly, confidently ...

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