Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hillary "Tonya Harding" Clinton Up To Old Tricks: CAN'T BE TRUSTED

Part of the reason why I enjoy surfing the 'Net is because you'll never know what nuggets of information you'll come across.

For those of you under the delusion that Hillpatine isn't up to dirty tricks; that she's been the 'nicer' and 'more polite' Hillpatine- let me disabuse you of that notion.

Found this in the comments section over at The Field:

This is the e-mail I received from her campaign:

Dear Ron, Michigan & Florida - Make Sure They Have a Voice! Millions of voters in Florida and Michigan are depending on you to help make sure they have a voice in this race. Will you stand up for them today? Thanks to your efforts, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who have already spoken out, the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee is meeting May 31 to make a decision about whether or not the votes in Michigan and Florida will count. Now I need you to urge the DNC to make the right decision on May 31. I need you to remind them that in the Democratic Party, we count every vote. Tell the Democratic National Committee to count the votes of Florida and Michigan. On May 31, the DNC has a chance to make it clear that the people of Florida and Michigan have a voice in our party. The decision is especially critical given the important role these states will play in November. And your voice could make the difference for the millions of people who went to the polls in those two states to make their choice for president. Stand with me today and tell the DNC to count the votes in Florida and Michigan. I have consistently said that every vote must count. It is such an important principle in our party. I really appreciate you standing up for the values we share. Thank you, Hillary Rodham Clinton

She is trying to undermine and de-legitimize Obama's victory. May that be plain as day to you.

And Brian Francis over at broke it down as to what she's trying to do with Florida & Michigan:

May 17, 2008
Obama gains 3 delegates today.....

His magic number is now 119 delegates. He picked up a delegate each in Nevada, Kansas, and Maryland.

Hillary's last remaining argument is that Florida and Michigan should be seated as is. In the highly unlikely chance this happens, you need 1783.5 for a majority of pledged delegates(voted on delegates). This is seen as the threshold Obama or Hillary must pass to be guaranteed the the superdelegates won't overturn the will of the people...i.e...the person who holds the majority of the pledged delegates.

If Obama gets his delegates from Florida....and the 55 uncommitted delegates from Michigan....he will be at 1735.5. To gain a majority, 1783.5-1735.5= 48 pledged delegates are needed on Tuesday to hold the pledged delegate majority with Florida and Michigan seated as is.

Obama and Hillary will basically split the delegates come Tuesday 52-51.

So on Tuesday night, under every scenario, Obama will be the pledged delegate leader. Chucky Todd made this point on the day Edwards endorsed. I did not include Edwards' delegates in my calculations.

This is why Hillary is pushing the Florida and Michigan votes to be seated AS IS. That would mean uncommitted doesn't go to Obama, and they are free to vote how they please. So that means Hillary can try to sway them to vote for her.


Just trying to keep the snakes before you, Mirror On America readers. Under no circumstances, whatsoever, can she or any or anyone around her BE TRUSTED.



Brian said...

This is another example of how two-faced she can be. The song "Smiling Faces Sometimes" by the Temptations comes to mind when I think about the wicked witch.

This comes just as it seemed as though she was changing her tone...finally joining Obama this week AGAINST McCain and Bush...rather than siding with them, as she had been doing for the last several weeks. She almost sounded like a Democrat.
But she's still playing the same games behind the scenes.

After damaging Obama, destroying his character, hurting his electability and using race (among other things) to do it, with the help of allies in the corporate media, she now wants the Superdelegates to hear her argument that Obama is weaker or perhaps even unelectable in a General election. She should just come out and say that because of his troubles with white voters (for which she facilitated) he won't be elected. That his race will make it very hard for him to win.

What angers me is that the whole world could see that this was the scenario that she was attempting to was clear as day, and she managed to succeed anyway. That says more about the pitiful State of the Country than about Hillary.

Luckily for Obama, the clock has just about run out for Hillary. Too many endorsements are coming his way at this point.

I suspect that Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and the Congressional leadership will be the final blow for the Wicked Witch over the next few days/weeks. Then Obama can turn to that really big mythical Goliath... the Rethuglican Machine.... the Organized Crime Group that will say, & do anything to win (much like the Wicked Witch). They make the Watergate crew look weak. The Watergate crew was dumb enough to get caught...and this crew has been smooth enough and intimidating enough not to. This only makes them better criminals....not less corrupt.

And the racial stuff is really going to get nasty. We already had the WAPO report that the Obama camp wanted to keep hidden under the rug.
Now i'm hearing about pictures of Monkey's intended to depict Obama. Lord Have Mercy... The wicked witch has drained me enough. I can't take another cycle. Really... I literally can't take it.

McCain isn't going to be a huge problem per se... it's the Rethuglican foot soldiers, 527 groups, and surrogates who will be the problem (and that includes the corporate media...esp. the Rethuglican Ministry of Information.... Faux News). Obama won't have anything close to the State-Run media apparatus that the Republicans will have because the Democrats have neglected this for over a decade (the need for progressives to establish their own media that could match large corporate outlets like Faux & MSNBC).
This deficiency & imbalance is going to be very evident during the General (S)Election.

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Andre said...


If this has got your blood bubbling, then this video (if you haven't already seen it) will get your blood so hot, it will start to evaporate.

I had to get a blood transfusion after I finished watching it.

You put it best, dawg: this does indeed reflect the pitiful state of this "union."