Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Random Thoughts

Well, not really so random...

But why is American foreign policy being decided In Jerusalem? This is a very serious problem and has been for many years. The many defense responsibilities that we have are consuming us... affecting every part of our lives. The same thing is happening in Capitals throughout the Middle East, in Europe, and in Asia.

Our foreign policy is affected everytime the President of Georgia, Ukraine, or some NATO country makes a decision. Our foreign policy is also decided by leaders in South Korea, Japan, and especially Taiwan- a defacto nation that is in dispute with China.... Taiwan... a nation that the U.S. has pledged to defend, yet it's a country that doesn't make decisions in our best interests.

But back to Israel for a second.... I don't recall voting for Olmert. I don't recall voting to give my government permission to send my tax dollars to Israel to prop up the economy there and to provide the bombs, and weaponry, fuel and food for a war machine that is killing hundreds of people. And our leaders are not even strong enough to stand up and demand certain things from the Israeli government which we support???? That's insane.

American politicians seem to be working for Israel and not for the United States. American politicians are much too concerned with not upsetting Israel and not angering AIPAC and the Jewish power structure in the United States. It's as if they are taking the role of the employee (subordinate) and Israel is the boss and the employee wants to do everything he can to please his employer (Israel). It's amazing to me.

I don't know of any small country in the world with such political power or political leverage. What are American politicians afraid of?

I can recall the Cold War, where the U.S. had many allies (subordinate allies), just as they do today. However, I don't recall any situations like this. In other words, the U.S. had control of its client States (like Israel) during that time. The U.S. government did not allow its subordinate allies to ruin or threaten the wider interests of the United States. Our subordinate so-called allies did nothing without the approval of the United States. That is why the U.S. has a commander for every part of the globe (something that an Empire must have), and has commanded every major regional war since WWI. This is particularly evident in Europe with the position of Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, which is always an American General (via NATO).
In the past, we never allowed the political leadership in any of these other countries to make decisions that would be harmful to our own interests. Because at the end of the day, it would be U.S. soldiers who would have to die for any reckless decisions made in these foreign Capitals.

What has happened recently to change this? Or does Israel seem to have some special permission to do this? Then again, it's not just Israel. The U.S. has not been able to control many of its client States in recent years. We have a nut in Taiwan who wants to drag the U.S. into a shooting war with China.... China being a much more important nation to the United States than Taiwan. The President of Taiwan has been running at the mouth, declaring Independence from China (which claims Taiwan), despite warnings from China that such a move could bring a confrontation.

If the U.S. can no longer control these countries, then we must rethink our alliances. The U.S. must not allow its client States to harm the best interests of America. Besides, the U.S. is at a point today (with a much smaller military force) where we cannot defend all of these countries, even if we wanted to. What do we plan to do, use nuclear weapons to defend them? Yet, during this time of a shrinking military, and a lack of readiness, (See also here) the U.S. has been seeking more defense treaty obligations, rather than less. If the so-called Cold War is over (in my opinion it has not ended, just wavered) then we should have fewer defense obligations. Why are we increasing the size of NATO?
The U.S. can barely keep the lid on Iraq, which is basically out of control, and we want all of these other obligations?

The U.S. must go through a fundamental change to fix its foreign policy. This has to be a fundamental change, because I have noticed this problem with both parties.... Democrats and Republicans (I like to call them the Republicrats). Therefore, the whole country must change its thinking. The U.S. can still be a powerful country, and a beacon to the world (which it hasn't been lately), but it must shed some of these miltary and political responsibilities around the world. The U.S. cannot be the worlds police force.

The U.S. should tell Israel that its relationship with the United States will be in danger if it does not moderate its behavior. Israel must not be allowed to become the big bully in the Middle East with U.S. blessing or backing. And it must not be allowed to drag the U.S. into new conflicts that the country does not need. Everything that Israel will do (and has done in the past) will not only affect Israel, but it will also affect the United States, due to our blind support for Israel.

We must tell Israel that they face being on their own if they work against U.S. interests. Furthermore, the U.S. should not be afraid to condemn Israel when Israel is wrong. Stop protecting Israel in the United Nations! U.S. behavior in the UN, regarding Israel, has been a disgrace.

Will someone please remind the President of the United States, his handlers, and the U.S. Congress that they are supposed to be working for the American people (I know it's a can stop laughing), and should be looking out for our best interests...and that they don't work for Israel?

These people seem to be under the full and complete control of Israel.


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Matt TheHat said...

I agree that we should rethink our alliances. The reason we are hated in the middle-east is because of our undying loyalty to a country that routinely ignores UN resolutions, steals land because they claim that a few thousand years ago it belonged to their holy kingdom, and kills entire families whenever they get a terrorist attack.

Brian said...

What's up Matt...

I agree. And you still have boneheaded Americans walking around in a daze, asking "Why Do they hate us".... the same question that they had on Sept. 12th, 2001.

Israel is creating more terrorists for us to have to deal with down the road.