Friday, August 18, 2006

Doubts Emerge In Jon-Benet Ramsey Case

Listen to an Interview that you will only get here.... A writer who has followed the case closely describes how the events don't yet line up with what the suspect has been saying so far (story taken from KMOX radio in St. Louis).

The suspect also seems like a very serious head case. He could be someone seeking attention.

But if he is tied to the crime, it's sickening to think of the fact that he had access to so many kids. How was he able to teach in so many other places around the World, which allowed him to have access to so many kids, even AFTER he developed a criminal history that involved sex crimes? Don't these foreign governments run background checks on these people through their home countries? This is an issue that governments around the world must work out. Did they assume that he was o.k. because he was a White American male? This is often the case in the countries that he visited. This story behind the story also played out during the Press Conference and while he was being moved around in Thailand. The guy was allowed to walk around without handcuffs, as if he was some kind of celebrity. This seemed very odd to me. Perhaps it had something to do with Thai Police Policy.
But what was he doing giving a Press Conference? WTH? Since when do child murder suspects hold or participate in news conferences?

If that had been someone of almost any other persuasion, they would have been in handcuffs (behind the back), and in leg irons.

There is a lot about this case that is unknown... more bombshells are likely to emerge in the days to come. I am sure police have much more information that they are not releasing for obvious reasons. Apparently this guy incriminated himself through e-mails.... So the media speculation should be ignored for the time being.

I didn't want to post about this case, because I despise Hollywood stories. NPR Commentator Julianne Malveaux sums up my viewpoint in her commentary here. I agree with Julianne 100%. You will notice that I will very rarely mention a "Hollywood" story here.... I make a conscious effort to avoid them (Mel Gibson is one recent example).

I mention this Jon-Benet story because it shows how quickly the media goes into a frenzy about these kinds of sensational stories, often without the correct information, and without doing their homework. And Americans seem to be addicted to this Pop news, while at the same time, not being very concerned about the more important events in the world.

But in closing I will say that the parents of this child are trash (and that goes for similar parents out there). I felt that way from day one. And I think they had some responsibility in the situation.

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