Monday, August 14, 2006

Juan Williams & Micheal Dyson Discuss New Book

Juan Williams & Micheal Dyson Discuss New Book

Watch as Juan Williams and Michael Eric Dyson debate the State of Black America and further discuss the larger debate that was raised by Mr. Bill Cosby.

The debate first centers around a new book by Williams entitled "Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead End Movements, and Culture of Failure that are Undermining Black America".

As some of you may (or may not) know, I don't usually see Eye to Eye with Mr. Dyson when it comes to issues concerning African Americans. I tend to take the view of Mr. Williams in this argument.

This video is from the last few days, taken from a Public TV program.

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Anonymous said...

wont open...

Brian said...

The Video link should work fine.

Anonymous said...

how can you agree w/Juan Williams? He's just another Booker T. You see his son worked for Strom Thurmond? I'd never never let my son work for him. I'd probably block the door, embarrass him, do anything I had to prevent this. Juan is helping the enemy. He needs to be up there shouting from the moutaintops about all the black men in prison and how according to US v Armstrong it will be impossible to stop DA's/prosecutors from their racially imbalanced charging decisions. You need help man! I have no objection to black folks being convicted for breaking the law, but when you compare their likelihood of arrest, charging, and ultimate sentences for the same crime, black men are being punished too severely and that's against Equal Protection. Then they lose the right to vote so blacks will never have very much power as long as this goes on. You seem educated but you need to take more from your readings and education. It takes two to tango. White folks are still hostile to the black man. Ask Donald Sterling. They always find another way to "skin the cat" so they conveyer belt black men to prison and the media makes nothing of it, now they all think racism is dead. How tragic.

Brian said...

Juan Williams is attempting to provide an uplifting message....rather than a "pity party" message of victimization.

Although "civil rights" institutions as a concept are still needed, the old civil rights approaches are out of date....played out on just about every issue that they try to engage.

It's time for new more modern and more practical approaches. But the Civil Rights All-Stars don't want to step aside to allow a new breed of leaders to take hold.

The most important statement of Tavis Smiley's Contract with Black America (State of the Black Union) Conference in 2005 came not from all of the show boating from different leaders... (Most folks missed the most important part of that Conference).

Instead, the most important part came when the Leader of the Rock the Vote Youth movement stated that as she was coming into the Civil Rights arena.... there were no mentors to help her (although she needed it).... no one to guide her. This was a small example of a larger problem.... Traditional so-called "Black leaders" are not grooming or assisting the next generation...

They would rather hog the spotlight for themselves so that they can sell their books and make money from their TV appearances. Civil Rights (as it is today) has become a corporate style business rather than a movement of any significance.

debate popular said...

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