Saturday, August 19, 2006

Watch Recent Congressional Hearing On Immigration Reform

Watch Recent Congressional Hearing held in El-Paso Texas, on the subject of Immigration- The impact of illegal immigration on local communities and possible reform policies.

From August 17, 2006

U.S. House Judiciary Committee conducts a field hearing on Oversight Hearing on "Should Mexico Hold Veto Power Over U.S. Border Security Decisions?" This was a special "field Hearing" held in El-Paso Texas. There was also another special immigration hearing held in San Diego a few days ago...however, I am unable to locate that video at this time. If I find it, I will add it.

The following hearing in El-Paso Texas, was presided over by Congressmember James Sensenbrenner- Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Long hearing, but informative if you want to keep up with this issue.

Watch Here


Anonymous said...

Hi! Saw your comment on LaShawn Barber's blog, and I agree with just about everything you say! Like you, I'm OK with a limited audience. Keep in mind some of the "big" bloggers (like Michelle Malkin) started out at the same URl as WEBSITES not blogs... MM posted her newspaper columns before she transformed her site into a blog: I'm certain she had huge numbers already, and that just went nuts when all the "uppity" bloggers (now A-listers) latched on and tossed her into their blogrolls!

Brian said...

Thanks for stopping by and posting.

And thanks for the info.... I never knew that about Ms. Malkin.

That's probably how a lot of those "A-List" blogs get started.... providing them with an advantage as far as readership is concerned.

It's all about money, power, and name clout...

But i'm going to press on making good quality blog entries... and accepting whatever readership that I get.

I can't complain that much. Just last year.... I really didn't know how to blog....let alone how to set up a site... Let's just say, I've come a long way.

btw, stop by and post more often...