Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why even trying to work with the GOP is a 'fool's folly'. STOP letting them have it BOTH WAYS.

This is a great piece from Rachel Maddow. The Democrats need to stop letting these GOP hypocrites get away with having it both ways: IF you vote against the earmarks, and IF you go out and talk smack about earmarks..



Strip them right out of the bill and give that money to a member of Congress willing to put their vote where their mouth is.

Thank you Rachel for calling them out.


The Angry Independent said...

They are definitely not going to work with Obama or Dems in Congress in good faith on any major legislation. That should be clear to Obama & Co. by now. In one sense, reaching out to them is a waste of time. But I do like the strategy of trying to show the public that Republicans are blocking progress. Obama took too long in using that angle.

It's no surprise that they are now against the jobs bill (like I have been saying...they will block him on just about everything...that's their game plan). They are also running from a nationally televised debate. The debate idea is something I brought up months ago...I knew they would run from it. Even back in 2008 I was calling for even more Debates with McCain. The same should be done now. When Progressive ideas & ideals are juxtaposed against Right wing ideals... Progressives win PERIOD (and Republicans know it). Obama should continue to challenge them on that and should continue to highlight differences...and show who is causing most of the gridlock. He should also include folks from the Congressional budget office and outside healthcare experts in these televised discussions who can show viewers how empty and phony Republican proposals are...right there on the spot.

But I don't believe that this will be enough to save Democrats. The Republicans will continue to win the PR war. When/if the jobs bill fails... the headlines will read "Obama fails to pass jobs bill". That will be the leading narrative on the news networks. And the Republican strategists understand this very they will stick to their game plan... block everything and hope idiot voters aren't paying attention...and then benefit by making gains in the midterms. Republicans have no reason to work with fact they have every incentive to continue to block Democratic efforts.

As long as we have an uninformed, irrational electorate that is so easy to manipulate with the likes of Faux News, then nothing will really change in this Country in any significant way.

Still scratching my head about the survey from a few weeks back that indicated that 49% of respondents believed that Fox News was the most trustworthy news network.
That's Twilight Zone territory. The World sees nonsense like this and they can't believe it either.

With conditions like this... it's pretty much all she wrote for Amerikkka. It's a slow death from here on out. Watching the country today is like watching a burning house.

Not too late for the Country.... but unless something magical and drastic happens (which I don't see on the horizon)... the country is screwed over the next few decades.

The Angry Independent said...

The point missed here is that we could highlight this hypocrisy a million times and it wouldn't make any difference. Why? Because American voters are collectively stupid. (and Republicans know it...that's why they aren't embarrassed by doing this... it's a strategy that works for them). As long as American voters remain stupid and fickle... then highlighting this makes little difference. At the end of the day, Republicans are always able to do this and get away with it. They will still win the PR war and the votes.

Annicka said...

I watched this show and am disappointed that this blatant hypocrisy isn't being more heavily covered by the media. Why has investigative reporting moved from "uncover the real story and answer the tough questions" to "let's gloss over the obvious and coddle the guy everyone likes"? I feel really frustrated and frightened for my country (I mean seriously, Sarah Palin as a political icon?! SERIOUSLY?!). I just can't understand why the people who religiously follow Fox news (mostly those of mid to low economic standing) don't see that they have nothing to gain by maintaining allegiance to current republican ideology. The complete lack of true independent thought and educated decision making based on investigation and personal reflection is insane. And to the Republican party, where is the accountability?! I think that the absence of shame in all of this is what I find most disturbing. You can't rehabilitate someone who doesn't feel that what they're doing is wrong.
Thanks for posting this. No one I know saw this show and it was driving me crazy that I couldn't properly vent!