Monday, February 01, 2010

GOP Congressman Mike Pence Denies Obstructionism, Plays Innocent With Campbell Brown

He also criticizes Obama's proposal for tax incentives for small businesses; one of the hallmarks of Republican fiscal policy...and similar to plans that they themselves have proposed in the past. But since it is being proposed by Obama, they are now hinting that they will oppose it - thus opposing part of their own fiscal ideology in the process. The irony is unbelievable. The act that Pence puts on is even more stunning.... even host Campbell Brown couldn't believe what she was hearing.

And one of the only reasons they even invited the President was to make political commercials from his appearance. Prepare for a flood of ads/soundbites.... despite the fact that all in all... he took them to school a bit, and put them on the defensive (although just temporarily).

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Andre said...

A typical conversation between the GOP and Obama:

Obama to GOP: You disagree with everything I say.

GOP to Obama: No we don't.

Obama: Yes you do.

GOP: No we don't.

Obama: OK. Maybe you don't.

GOP: Yes we do.