Monday, February 15, 2010

Olbermann's Special Comment on Teabaggers and Race

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Anonymous said...

Democrat’s Accomplishments OR this is why I am a LIBERAL:
Endangered Species Act
GI Bill
Environmental Laws
The Space Program
The Peace Corps
The Civil Rights Movement
Earned Income Tax Credit
Family & Medical Leave Act
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Americans With Disabilities Act
Freedom of Information Act
Women's right to control their reproductive future
Allowing citizens to view their own credit records
The Internet
Balancing the federal budget
The Brady Bill (5-day wait on handgun purchases for background checks)
Lobbying Disclosure Act
"Motor-Voter" Act
The Voting Rights Act
Unemployment Insurance
Food Stamps/WIC
Social Security
Peace between Israel and Egypt
Peace between Israel and Jordan
The Department of Education
The Department of Energy
The Department of Transportation
The Department of Housing and Urban Development
Labor Laws
The Marshall Plan
Winning World War II
Food Safety Laws
Workplace Safety Laws
The Tennessee Valley Project
The Civilian Conservation Corps
The Securites and Exchange Commission
Women's Right to Vote
Universal Public Education
National Weather Service
Product Labeling Laws
Truth in Advertising Laws
Morrill Land Grant Act
Rural Electrification
Public Universities
Bank Deposit Insurance (FDIC)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Public Broadcasting
Supporting the establishment of Israel
The United Nations

Republicans have been on the opposite side of these issues for the most part. No wonder we cannot ever meet in the middle - some of these issues have no middle - only morally right or morally wrong - in my humble opinion. Our contribution to society in the form of taxes to help those less forunate is our contribution to live in a stable society. Look at third world countries with their RICH & desperately POOR. I, personally, do not want to live in a country like that. We need our middle class! I am willing to give so that we can live with clean air, healthy foods, lots of police to keep us safe, money for top notch schools that all children can go to for free, libraries, healthcare for all (healthcare should be non-profit because it is immoral to make money off from someone else' breast cancer), good roads and other public institutions, good science, and the list goes on and on.

patti ryan said...

Another reason to be a Liberal:

Influential right-wing industrialists and financers such as Irenee du Pont, Prescott Bush and the virulently anti-semitic Henry Ford not only fought publicly to keep America from joining the war against Germany, they actually helped finance Hitler’s war machine..

The conservative press--led by Henry Luce (who applauded Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia)--worked to influence public opinion in favor of isolationism.

American hero and right-winger Charles Lindbergh admired the "virility" and "dictatorial direction" of Nazi Germany so much so that he used his substantial influence as a vocal Nazi propagandist.

The Senate--led by Republican Gerald P. Nye--was determined to remain isolated from the European conflict. Nye and his colleagues spearheaded the Neutrality Act of 1935.

William Dudley Pelley mobilized like-minded right-wing conservatives into a pro-Nazi legion he called the Silver Shirts and which others referred to as the "Christian American Patriots". By July 1938, he had mailed out 3.5tons of pro-Nazi, anti-semitic propaganda. After the U.S. joined the war, Pelley was jailed for sedition.

The godfather of right-wing hate radio/media wackos, Father Charles Coughlin used his radio show and magazine to stir-up anti-semitic, pro-Nazi sentiment in the U.S.

And if that is not enough to show you how conservatives are, look how they are trying so hard to defeat Healthcare Reform. Just another in a long list of things that they have been against.