Friday, February 05, 2010

Richard Shelby is Perfect Example of How Obstructionism and Entrenched Corruption Persists

Here is a perfect example of how political corruption and obstruction will prevent the U.S. government from tackling the major problems that the Country faces. Senator Shelby is willing to hold the Federal government hostage in order to get a special Pork project for his State (I thought the Republicans were so concerned about spending?). This story reflects the entrenched corruption in Washington D.C. It is an example of the selfishness of Senators. And it comes just days after President Obama gave two major speeches, pleading for an end to nonsensical obstructionism. I guess this is the Republican response. This is probably what Obama should look forward to for the rest of his term as President. And I predicted as much... so it's no surprise at all.


rikyrah said...

don't give him shyt. do recess appointments for all of these folks. don't give Alabama a fucking dime.

Mod Lumpkin said...

Unfortunately, I live in Alabama and to hear about Richard Shelby doesn't surprise me at all. What DOES surprise me is the unwillingness of ANYONE locally or nationally to call him out by name and put him on full blast!!!