Sunday, February 07, 2010

Update from Illinois

From The Political Wire:

Cohen Quits Race in Illinois
Scott Lee Cohen (D), the Democratic nominee for Illinois lieutenant governor, "removed himself from the campaign Sunday, freeing Gov. Pat Quinn from the baggage Cohen brought to the ticket, but also leaving him without a running mate," NBC Chicago reports.

Said Cohen: "I'm someone who made mistakes in my life. And look where I am. If I let you down I"m sorry".

It's never boring.


Roderick said...

This dude was insane if he thought the press wasn't going to find out.

So who's the nominee now?

Patrick said...

He should have never won the election. He was able to make a lot of deals to get union support though, and I think the winners of the Illinois Democratic Primary shows that they were a powerful force in choosing the winners of the election.

Rickey Hendon would have been a better choice than Cohen. At least he is against red light cameras and the parking meter privatization, as mentioned in his hilariously inappropriate radio ad

The Angry Independent said...

That Cohen character was just strange.

WTH is going on in that State?

I'm also afraid that Obama & Dems will eventually lose support in Illinois... particularly downstate. It doesn't look good for some Dems even when they have the candidate that they want representing their Party.